Passion for Work

The key to success is finding what you love to do and to making a career out of it. It’s definitely easier said than done. There are people who took years taking up medicine, law or a master’s degree, putting all of their efforts and time into honing their craft, only to get into a job outside those fields. Clearly, figuring out and going after one’s passion, plus making money out of it, is not as simple as ABC. It requires thorough assessment, honesty to one’s self and focus.

The Right Way
Even professionals or businessmen who already have a steady source of income still second-guess whether they have taken the right career track. When they discover that they have been pursuing a career opposite of their realized interests and skills, they go back to zero to start pursuing another which they guess is their true passion. If you want to waste your life in a series of trial-and-error, feel free to do so.

Meanwhile, if you want to make the best decision for your life while you still have plenty of time to start and rebuild your career, invest in self-assessment. There are several self-assessment tools available online for free. All you need to do is focus, contemplate and stay honest as you answer each of the guide questions. Self-assessment can either reinforce what you already believe your passion is or can also help discover more and new things about yourself. These will give you a clearer direction on the career you should pursue.

Zeal that Radiates
When you do what you love doing, people see it through you. Days of pretending to be busy at work or settling for mediocrity will be over because your passion drives you to give your best all the time. If you love making customers happy and satisfied, you find joy in attending to their requests and fixing their concerns immediately. If you find fulfillment in seeing your designs become reality, you’ll do everything to impress a client so they will agree to construct or fabricate your design. If you like the challenge of convincing either a crowd or a decision maker to purchase or invest, you won’t go wrong when it comes to sales, public speaking or presentations.

Essentially, going after your passion is tantamount to feeling without any doubt that you are on the right track. Such an assurance pushes you to do whatever it takes to achieve the goal. All your actions will revolve around it. Your engagement and drive will lead you to always go for the extra mile. In addition, as you better yourself, you also inspire other people to work passionately.

Genuine Happiness
More than being effective in your job or being able to maximize the potential of your business, being passionate makes you happy. If we all pursue our passion, no one will feel like they’re being bossed around. Why? Because there is no need for it, you feel driven to produce results simply because you want to. You need not be forced or pressured because you already feel rewarded just by enjoying what you do.

In addition, being passionate also means that you bank on your interests and constantly improve your skills. Driven by passion, you look for more efficient ways to fulfill your tasks. You look for opportunities to educate yourself because you want to be the best in the field you are passionate about. Should there be problems, you don’t feel burdened, but instead, challenged – and you know that the taste of success will be sweeter afterwards. Passion keeps the fire burning and no hurdle can ever bring that down.

As H. Jackson Browne said, “Find a job you like and add five days to every week”. Why settle for a job that only pays the bills? If you pursue your passion, not only will you find work enjoyable, monetary compensation should come easy. Clients always look for service providers (i.e. photographers, writers, managers, coordinators, assistants, etc.) who are passionate about what they do as shown in their work output. If you want to be compensated and regarded as an expert in your chosen field, there is only one thing to do – build a career that is close to your heart and use that to add value not just to yourself but most importantly to the people around you.

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  1. Kristine Ann T. Cagampang

    Looking for a job that one is truly passionate about is easier said than done. Indeed, self-assessment is essential in realizing ones’ passion and pursuing it as a career. Few are lucky to have found it right from the start. Others have to spend weeks, months, even years before realizing that the job they have is not for them. Enjoying what you do, and getting paid for it is everyone’s goal. Who does NOT want that? everyone does, including me. I for one have know of some people who just do their jobs for the sake of doing it. They just go about their work everyday and leave when the clock strikes 5pm. It is just a pity I tell you. They also go ranting about how idle their job is, or how it is the same everyday. I tell them to look for a better job, and they tell me that their current job pays well and so boredom is something they would rather put up with, if not for the money. See there’s the culprit: M-O-N-E-Y. Since when have we let money run our lives? I know, ever since the bills have kept mounting up. I say let’s take the risk and do something that we TRULY love. But mind you, taking risks does not mean being stupid. It means that when the circumstances are right, then it’s an all systems go! Who would stop us? After all, happiness and contentment is what would matter in the end. Only we can make it happen.

  2. Angelie Paula S. Soria

    After finishing my 4 years in Nursing and passing the licensure exam, people would often think that I got it all figured out. But honestly speaking, I have never been more confused in my life. I am completely aware that nursing is not my passion, whenever I go on duty all I can think about is,’When will my duty end?’ and believe me, this is not how I want to spend my entire life. I once read somewhere,’Find a job you love and you won’t have to work a day of your life’, this may sound as a cliche but this is probably one of the hardest things to accomplish and this is because passion is not the only factor considered when it comes to looking for a job. Money is the biggest temptation opposite to your passion. In the end, it is all up to the person whether he prefers a tiring but lavish life or a passion-driven, money-making life.

  3. Kharyn Lo

    I already had the job that i wanted i worked there for 2 years,the problem was that my growth was really slow,i think passion is not the key to success,its the way people show their passion for work,because even if your passionate about your job,if the people in higher places does not sees it your gonna be stuck in the bottom with the career that you are passionate about…

  4. Angelie Paula S. Soria

    Do you love your job? YES or NO?
    I am a Nurse and recently quite my job because i am not happy with it. If you don’t have passion and love your job you feel like twice as tired as you are. After a long 8 hour job i meet with my friend and she told me why are you so exhausted and i told her it’s because of my job. She asks me then are you happy with your job? And I said I don’t know. She told me everyday she doesn’t feel tired a bit after leaving from her job because she is happy with it. So the point is when you have passion and love your job you will not get easily tired and it will not affect your performance at work, right….

  5. Vincent Francis Cece

    This article has vividly delivered a significant message to those who hate their jobs and excessively complain about it; and they end up quitting or being fired. Those people lack passion in their jobs.

    However, as what the writer of this article said, it is not that easy to find a job that you love. Sometimes people are confused of what they really want to do. That’s why you have to have self-assessment(kudos to the writer for pointing this one out), and it includes having time to figure out the thing you love and really want to pursue. Don’t be blinded by money or peers pressuring you. It’s about you not them.

    In my case, I think I have found the perfect job for me. I have already had self-assessment and I am going to do the only thing I am passionate about.

    To Angeline Paula: Why did you even pursue nursing if you already knew you are not going to be happy with it? You have to have self-assessment, I think. :p

  6. Work Schedule Maker

    I agree with Angelie that passion is not the key to success,it’s the way people show their passion for work. Everyone of us have a different wants and needs, some people complains about their work responsibilities, work schedule etc. Lets say you love your work and for sure you won’t find anything else, but as the time goes by, even though you’re committed to your work, you’ll get bored and some point that’s the reason why some people are being stress. For me, Making a Work plan that could make you work more exciting or even planning alternatives which are not work related that could help to take away the stress.

  7. Frederic Solam

    I took up Electrical Engineering and after 5 long years, I found out that it’s not what I want to do. I love computers and it’s always been my passion to do stuff with it. It’s really true that if you are passionate with something, it ignites you to work efficiently and excellently. Passion is the key to excellence.

  8. Gheeneil

    All previous comments are true. There are many contributory factors affecting passion and work. I say, whether you work for a living, or make life more exciting doing what you love best, everything boils down to attitude. There are always these dull moments, not to mention financial crisis, that if, your passion cannot support your bills. Now if we can’t make a passion a career, let’s make a career a passion. Easy to say, but hard to do. Who says life is easy anyway?

  9. Jennifer Akoy

    Indeed passion is important when you work. If you have the determination to walk your goal then no matter how rocky the road maybe going to your success it won’t be as hard as you expect it to be. If you love what you are doing then there is no reason for you to give up not unless you let pressures overtake you. Happiness is a decision so if you decide that you are happy in what you are doing there’s no reason for you not to work hard and excel in everything you do.

  10. Alexander Waters

    I agree with everything that was mentioned in this article. Without passion for the work that you have, you wouldn’t be able to motivate yourself to always work at your very best and to excel.

    Passion however is just the first part. I always believe that management and work environment is also important. If management sucks then the employees do too, which will result to inconducive working environment.

    If passion, good management, and a good working environment is present, then that would be the best place to be for a worker.

  11. Bonn Pusta

    My college teacher once said, “…in order for a man to be ABLE and CAPABLE, he has to be placed in an occupation that truly interests him as a person and as an achiever”. She added, “What is being intelligent if you are not wise, what is a graduation honor if you don’t have life?- Useless”.

    Moreover, as the above article’s H. Jackson Browne said, “If you pursue your passion, not only will you find work enjoyable, monetary compensation should come easy.”

    Passion for work is the greatest tool a man can ever have to reach success and abundance in life. True success cannot be measured by material wealth or fame. Success is relative, it depends on you. Maximizing your potentials and talents will bring you to your own defined-success. Doing your work with passion and obfuscation will surely make success be the one to come to you.

  12. Maria Fatima Hernandez

    Just this morning I saw a video on success. Success does not only entail money but your life as a whole. One might just be stuck in a routine they call a job because the money he/she is earning puts food on the table. But they would spend years on that chair not really moving up the career ladder because they have been stuck in a job which they do not love.

    I have always believed in loving and being passionate for your work because if you love what you’re doing, then achieving your goal to become part of management and be able to contribute to the culture of the company will always follow.

    An employee who loves his/her job means he/she does not only look at it as a job, but looks at it as a career.

  13. Alain Chris Bulawin

    I believe passion for work involves tons of motivation to be constant and retain in a certain work. Motivation should be replenished and continuously stirred up to spark the fire of zeal. Attaining such would need a lot of training and investment in knowledge. It is absolutely true that success in the chosen path should be according to a person’s happiness by which compensation should come easy. Yet still, a lot of professionals did not get the right career for themselves but end up loving what they do made them fulfilled and successful as well.

  14. christine c. ihalas

    The real essence of this article is to encourage and motivate people as early as now before it’s too late for them to realize that they are running at the wrong race. Many professionals are working opposite to their professions because of monetary compensations..what for that you spend at least four years if you will not use it in the future?? I believe that all of us took certain courses because we believe that is our passion. Follow where your heart is and you could be the happiest person in the whole world. 🙂

  15. Vaniah Nicdao

    The message of the article that the author wants to relay is to PURSUE YOUR PASSION. Most successful people today are those who followed their passion. If you love your work, no matter what the challenges waiting ahead of you, you will definitely surpass them. It is your passion for a particular work that drives you to bring out the best out of you. Everything comes naturally because you are not pressured to do it. Pursuing your passion for a living is really priceless. Money cannot compensate the joy that comes from doing what you really love. Passion should be accompanied with hardwork and determination in order to become truly successful.

  16. Lester Maquinano

    Passion of Work

    I am a fresh graduate with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Yes! an IT Graduate. But I really love business. I don’t know why I graduated in that degree. But there’s an e-Commerce side of that program.
    Finding a work is so hard specially when you are not qualified in that position like applying in the position and one of the requirements is with a Business related degree. Anyway, I am happy and really happy that I do what I loved. I am a small time entrepreneur. And I really loved what I am doing.

    Doing a job that you’re not confident with, is like you’re eating a food that’s not worth paying for. So better to follow your passion and find what you love and find what you need. So that in future, you will not regret of what path you follow with. Enjoy life! 🙂

  17. Katrina Cecilia Elid

    Passion of Work

    I am a fresh graduate with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Yes! an IT Graduate. But I really love business. I don’t know why I graduated in that degree. But there’s an e-Commerce side of that program.
    Finding a work is so hard specially when you are not qualified in that position like applying in the position and one of the requirements is with a Business related degree. Anyway, I am happy and really happy that I do what I loved. I am a small time entrepreneur. And I really loved what I am doing.

    Doing a job that you’re not confident with, is like you’re eating a food that’s not worth paying for. So better to follow your passion and find what you love and find what you need. So that in future, you will not regret of what path you follow with. Enjoy life! 🙂

  18. Armie Alicaway

    I’ve been working for almost 4 years and have had numbers of successes as well however up to now I haven’t really figure out the ideal job for me. When we were in kindergarten, we say when we grow up, we want to become like this and that…but the truth is, it is usually what our parents wants us to be. As we grow old and entered high school and college, we start to have an idea of what we want to become but since it’s our parents who spent for our education, sometimes are dreams were never realized.

    I always thought that’s the reason behind my search for an ideal job but as I try to ponder it deeply, I realized I don’t even know what I wanted to become in the first place. I always tell myself that, it’s not about doing what you love; it’s more about loving what you do. It would work for several years however there would come a time that you will feel within you that there is something lacking and you can’t figure out what it is. And come to think of it, most people I know who are already in their 40’s and 50’s still does not know what they want in life, we just go with the flow, let life takes us to where it might lead us while we’re taking our time to smell the flowers and enjoying the view, hoping we would eventually figure out what we want to be. Isn’t that’s what life all about… solving a mystery?

  19. Nycelynne Alyssa Zambrano


    In every thing you do in life we were always thought of weighing what we wanted and what we needed. Most of the time, what you wanted is not actually what you need or vice versa. This article clearly voice out with those professionals who were underemployed (those people having a job not related to their courses). How about those people who had passion with what they work but ended up being lazy or terminated?

    I agree with what Alexander Waters said, it takes a lot of factors to have a successful work and passion is just one of it. we should also consider the management and the work environment.

  20. Bai Mardhiya

    This post inspires me. I believe that passion is what makes us all going. Life without passion is like being a car with no fuel. It simply doesn’t work. Without passion, you won’t be able to find your way to so called success. Success only happens when you are happy with what you’re doing. And it doesn’t mean having a high income, or having the latest model of a car. Success means being happy with what you’re doing, or doing something you are passionate about. Living a life that you don’t love makes no sense at all. So, find your passion and pursue it. Don’t be like the majority who turned into a dummy and found themselves stuck in a pithole. Find your passion while you have a lot of time, and that time is now. 🙂

  21. Kris

    It is important to be passionate on what you’re doing
    because it helps you grow, understand things that others don’t and of course improve yourself.
    It is something you won’t get tired or weary at.
    It makes us a better person if we know what we wanted to do. It might lead us to a successful life but the important things is what find what makes you happy. 🙂



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