The key to success is finding what you love to do and to making a career out of it. It’s definitely easier said than done. There are people who took years taking up medicine, law or a master’s degree, putting all of their efforts and time into honing their craft, only to get into a job outside those fields. Clearly, figuring out and going after one’s passion, plus making money out of it, is not as simple as ABC. It requires thorough assessment, honesty to one’s self and focus.

The Right Way
Even professionals or businessmen who already have a steady source of income still second-guess whether they have taken the right career track. When they discover that they have been pursuing a career opposite of their realized interests and skills, they go back to zero to start pursuing another which they guess is their true passion. If you want to waste your life in a series of trial-and-error, feel free to do so.

Meanwhile, if you want to make the best decision for your life while you still have plenty of time to start and rebuild your career, invest in self-assessment. There are several self-assessment tools available online for free. All you need to do is focus, contemplate and stay honest as you answer each of the guide questions. Self-assessment can either reinforce what you already believe your passion is or can also help discover more and new things about yourself. These will give you a clearer direction on the career you should pursue.

Zeal that Radiates
When you do what you love doing, people see it through you. Days of pretending to be busy at work or settling for mediocrity will be over because your passion drives you to give your best all the time. If you love making customers happy and satisfied, you find joy in attending to their requests and fixing their concerns immediately. If you find fulfillment in seeing your designs become reality, you’ll do everything to impress a client so they will agree to construct or fabricate your design. If you like the challenge of convincing either a crowd or a decision maker to purchase or invest, you won’t go wrong when it comes to sales, public speaking or presentations.

Essentially, going after your passion is tantamount to feeling without any doubt that you are on the right track. Such an assurance pushes you to do whatever it takes to achieve the goal. All your actions will revolve around it. Your engagement and drive will lead you to always go for the extra mile. In addition, as you better yourself, you also inspire other people to work passionately.

Genuine Happiness
More than being effective in your job or being able to maximize the potential of your business, being passionate makes you happy. If we all pursue our passion, no one will feel like they’re being bossed around. Why? Because there is no need for it, you feel driven to produce results simply because you want to. You need not be forced or pressured because you already feel rewarded just by enjoying what you do.

In addition, being passionate also means that you bank on your interests and constantly improve your skills. Driven by passion, you look for more efficient ways to fulfill your tasks. You look for opportunities to educate yourself because you want to be the best in the field you are passionate about. Should there be problems, you don’t feel burdened, but instead, challenged – and you know that the taste of success will be sweeter afterwards. Passion keeps the fire burning and no hurdle can ever bring that down.

As H. Jackson Browne said, “Find a job you like and add five days to every week”. Why settle for a job that only pays the bills? If you pursue your passion, not only will you find work enjoyable, monetary compensation should come easy. Clients always look for service providers (i.e. photographers, writers, managers, coordinators, assistants, etc.) who are passionate about what they do as shown in their work output. If you want to be compensated and regarded as an expert in your chosen field, there is only one thing to do – build a career that is close to your heart and use that to add value not just to yourself but most importantly to the people around you.

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