Pepper Blog’s Best of 2014

Creating quality and relevant content is one of the things we try to accomplish in Pepper. We want to help our readers in the areas of digital marketing and smart outsourcing through the content we produce. With all the blogs we’ve put out this year, we’ve chosen the top 10 articles we suggest you read again or bookmark for future reference. So without further ado, here’s a quick rundown of the best content we’ve published in 2014!

App Development Made Easy (March 4)

This blog is mainly about Google App Engine and how this free tool can help you create apps for your business to increase customer engagement.

Hangouts Takes Messaging a Notch Higher (March 14)

Still part of our series on Google Business Suite, this blog explores the advantages of using Google Hangouts and tells you why it’s the next big thing in instant messaging.

An Inside Look at Working with Filipino VAs (May 29)

We published this blog about Filipino VAs to give offshore clients an inside look at how we work and what differentiates us from the rest.

Five Reasons Why Every Business Should Go Into Facebook Marketing (June 4)

There’s no question that Facebook is the leading social media network today and this blog explains why it’s absolutely necessary to venture into Facebook marketing.

Building a Great Relationship with Your Contractor (June 10)

This blog is part of our series on outsourcing basics and it explores the importance of having a strong client-contractor relationship in your business.

Business Insights from the World Cup: The Triumph of Teamwork (July 2)

The World Cup is probably the biggest sports event in 2014 but it’s not all about athleticism. This blog explores some business insights we can learn from the World Cup.

Things You Should Never Delegate to a VA (July 23)

Smart outsourcing involves knowing what to delegate and what to not to delegate. This blog is a guide for clients who are still deciding on which areas they should or shouldn’t outsource.

Social Media Customer Service Mistakes You Shouldn’t Commit (August 14)

While social media has made customer service easier and more efficient, it also exposed the shortcomings of businesses more. This blog gives marketers a heads up on the mistakes they should avoid.

Why Email Marketing Still Matters (September 17)

This blog will prove to you that email is far from dead. It’s a platform that continues to evolve with time and will remain in forefront of effective communication channels.

Measuring Social Media (November 7)

A lot of marketers are using social media but not all of them are able to measure their performance. This blog explains the necessity of using metrics to analyze your social media engagement.

There you have it! We hope that you’ll continue to follow our blog as we try our best to give the latest and most relevant content in online marketing and smart outsourcing. See you in 2015!

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