2017 Official Holidays in the Philippines


Pepper Virtual Assistants Philippines 2017 Official Holidays
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In a few days, we will be welcoming 2017! We, at Pepper Virtual Assistants, are grateful for a wonderful year of collaboration with our valued clients! We’d also like to thank you, our readers, who continue to inspire us to create valuable content.

Before we kick off the New Year, here are the official Philippine holidays for 2017:


New Year’s Day                                1   January   (Sunday)

Araw ng Kagitingan                         9   April   (Sunday)

Maundy Thursday                           13   April

Good Friday                                      14   April

Labor Day                                          1   May   (Monday)

Independence Day                          12   June   (Monday)

National Heroes Day                       28   August   (Last Monday of August)

Bonifacio Day                                   30   November   (Thursday)

Christmas Day                                  25   December   (Monday)

Rizal Day                                            30   December   (Saturday)


Chinese New Year                                                           28   January   (Saturday)

EDSA People Power Revolution Anniversary              25   February   (Saturday)

Black Saturday                                                                 15   April

Ninoy Aquino Day                                                            21   August   (Monday)

All Saints Day                                                                    1   November   (Wednesday)

Last Day of the Year                                                        31   December   (Sunday)

Additional special (non-working) day                           31   October   (Tuesday)

Here’s an infographic from CNN Philippines:

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Photo credit: CNN Philippines

Now that we have that out of the way, we’re all set to work again! Have a fantastic New Year and we look forward to another productive year with you!

Pepper Virtual Assistants is a business solutions firm that specializes in virtual administrative and personal assistance, online marketing, customer support, and copywriting. We are known for reliability through our managed services, responsive client handling backed by extensive training, and rockstar virtual assistants hired for their skills and expertise.



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