Social Media Updates You May Not Know About: Pinterest and LinkedIn

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool that small and big businesses can use to promote their brand. It allows you to reach a wide range of demographics and get your message across your target market. However, with constant change happening in these sites, it can be difficult to keep up with all the updates on social media platforms.

As a conclusion to our Social Media Updates series, we will take you up to speed on the improvements on Pinterest and LinkedIn. Here are some of the updates you may have missed about these two niche sites.


Out of 176 million registered users, more than 100 million of them are active monthly users on Pinterest. Its reported value stands at a whopping $11 billion! The social media platform known for its pin boards has been rolling out some noticeable changes lately. Here are some of its newest tweaks.

  • Repin counts– Now each pin of a specific image from a specific URL will get credit for the engagement garnered from its sister pins. This is especially beneficial and encouraging for users who have been creating quality content from the start.
  • Custom notes– Pinterest has stepped up to revamp the description area on posts. Now pinners can customize the description of a pin before posting.
  • Save Button – Although a minor change that most might not notice, Pinterest has changed its iconic “Pin It” button to “Save It”.
  • How-to pins – DIY and project-oriented pins from publishers have been tweaked to provide pinners with snapshots of the steps right below the Pin image. This mirrors the recipe Rich Pins which previews a list of ingredients.


As the social media platform for professionals and businesses, LinkedIn is home to 433 million professionals, entrepreneurs, and companies. It is an ever-evolving platform that introduces new features nearly every month. Most of its changes enhance what you can do and how you utilize the platform’s tools. Here are a couple of LinkedIn’s recent changes.

  • Updated Job Posting – The business-centric platform has created a streamlined way for you to find your “in” when you see a position you’re interested in. LinkedIn will present you with recommended job openings through the Jobs You May Be Interested In feature. With the new algorithm, you will be able to easily see who you are connected to in that company.
  • Greater Emphasis on Skills – LinkedIn recently introduced a brand new option for companies to search for specific skills and narrow down candidates through their LinkedIn Skills. Thus it is vital for professionals to keep their Skills updated to help you find them.
  • New messaging system – Gone is the old email-style messaging system! They’ve completely scrapped that look and shifted to a more personal messaging approach that resembles instant messaging. According to LinkedIn, this introduces a chat-style interface that allows easy back and forth messaging.
  • LinkedIn Group – LinkedIn Groups allowed professionals to interact, discuss, and exchange their knowledge and build relationships. To boost this, they have launched an all-new LinkedIn Group iOS app that is specially designed to make it easier for you to find and engage with other professionals in high-quality conversations.

These two social media platforms are nearly polar opposites. While Pinterest is designed for creative, DIY minds, LinkedIn is mainly for professionals and businesses. However, both sites are great platforms that you can use to engage with your niche audience.

Modern marketing and technology gives businesses a way to reach, connect, and engage with their customers more than ever before. Social media not only enables you to do this but also showcases your brand, products, and services to potential customers and investors. So when it comes to online presence, take the time to learn each site’s features, maximize them, and align your social media strategy with it!

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