Why Companies Should Let Their Employees Work from Home

Why Companies Should Let Their Employees Work from Home Philippines Pepper Virtual Assistants
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In today’s digital age, the world operates at break-neck speed. Thus, an increasing number of professionals are turning to job openings that allow them to achieve work-life balance. In fact, this has become a priority for about 74% of workers.

Research suggests that allowing employees to work from home and telecommute can benefit businesses and workers. It can help save money in the long run and increase employee satisfaction which consequently boosts their loyalty to the company.

As the demand for a work-life balance rises, professionals and fresh talents are finding job opportunities that are rewarding and convenient. Today, we’ll be showing you how you can benefit from allowing your employees to work from home. Let’s take a look!

Fosters productivity

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why businesses should let their employees work from home is improving work-related productivity. Workers often face different challenges in the office such as coworker distractions, unimportant meetings, and uninspiring work environments.

Allowing your employees to work from home a couple of days a month gives them the space they need to stay focused on their deliverables. According to Simon Slade, CEO and co-founder of Affilorama, his employees’ production rate are higher because they are better equipped to avoid distractions, unlike the office-based workers.

Save office space and costs

Small businesses often don’t have much room to spare for its whole team. So if space is a luxury that you can’t have, why not let your employees do their jobs remotely? Instead of increasing your infrastructure cost, adapt a flexible working plan that allows your team to work from home.

Permitting your employees to work from home can also help you cut back on other office expenses. This can save costs such as purchasing equipment, office supplies, internet and electricity bills, and even snacks and drinks!

Limit office-based absences

Colds and fatigue make going into the office miserable. However, it’s not so bad to work when you’re right at home. Employees who are mildly sick can still be productive and get work done from their beds. Having them work remotely can also help prevent the spread of the illnesses to other members of your team.

Felix Dubinsky, co-founder of Simple Texting, said that working at home saves workers from a lot of stress that would have been spent on commuting. It is also much easier to keep a healthy diet while eating at home which is paramount to maintaining a strong immune system.

Opens the talent pools

One of the biggest employer benefits when it comes to a flexible working policy is opening your business to a huge pool of talent. This allows you to attract professionals from virtually anywhere in the world.

When you have employees working from different parts of the country, you can get amazing insights into local markets. There is a plethora of tools that you can use to stay up -to-date, communicate, assign tasks, and collaborate with your workers.  You can hire the best talent no matter where they are!

Boost employee loyalty

Working from home can make your employees happier. This can extend to having a profound impact on employee retention and morale. A study by Penn State University revealed that happy employees are more productive and less likely to leave their jobs.

After all, anyone who has been looking for a job that allows them to work from home would never dream of giving it up. Happy workers mean better outputs, more productive days, and a loyal staff!

Companies are starting to catch on to the trend of adopting more flexible work arrangements. It is changing the way businesses operate. Restricting your business not only forces your employees to report to the office but limits your reach to valuable talents that are available. It’s high time for businesses to look into hiring remote professionals and allow their office-based employees to start working from home!

What are your thoughts about flexible work plans? Share them with us in the comments. Don’t forget that you can still avail of our free five-hour trial!

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