How to Motivate Sales People to Sell More at the Start of the Year

Pepper Virtual Assistants Philippines How to Motivate Your Sales Team
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Selling is not a job for the weak. You need mental toughness to face rejection and staunch perseverance to press on and follow up leads. As a leader, you can boost your sales team’s performance by honing and motivating them. A motivated staff is a game changer in your company.

In our last blog, we talked about how you can motivate your employees to be more productive at the start of the year. Today, we’ll be sharing some tried-and-tested ways you can motivate your sales people! Let’s take a look!

Reward them with cash

It’s no question that money is a great motivator. In fact, many companies have been practicing this incentive method for decades. Even parents reward a child’s good school performance! But there’s a catch. Don’t create a system where you reward the top sales performers. Instead, create a system that rewards not only the top sellers but also the individual that tries the hardest.

Build the peer pressure

Peer pressure is something that we have been warned since our high school days. But that’s not to say it’s a thing of the past! In fact, peer pressure can be used effectively on the sales floor. This year, start publicly posting sales, margins, and conversion rates on boards so that people can see each other’s performances. This can push individuals to work harder and perform better knowing that their stats will be posted for everyone to see!

Create co-dependent teams

Another great way to motivate your sellers is by creating small teams. This will give your employees a circle of teammates that can support, mentor, and encourage each other. Knowing that people have got your back not only makes the blow of a rejection easier but also helps ease the burden of a load.

Set daily, weekly, and monthly quotas

The key to motivating your sales team is by knowing what excites them. For many businesses, setting quotas is an effective method for boosting motivation and productivity. Try setting different quotas for your sales team. This is a great way for them to know where they’re headed and plan what they need to do to get there.

Don’t put a cap on commission

If you want your sellers to go beyond their set quotas, then it’s time to shake up your commission structure. Encourage your team to make the sale with great payoffs. Putting a cap on commission not only demotivates your team from selling more but also lowers productivity. The more sales they make, the more commission they earn. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Ultimately, companies need to get a clear understanding of their sales performance and the people behind them. Inspiring motivation is all about knowing what your team wants and pushing them to go the extra mile. Incentivize hard work, recognize top performers, and see your star sellers outshine the rest.

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    This article is very helpful to every company especially to all sales people to do their job better.



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