Happy Infographic Friday! This week, our blog posts focused on funding and promoting your small business with limited resources. We’ve shared some tips on how to finance your business with small capital. Using your own money can be your first step for funding your business. Seeking financial help from family and friends is also an option. There are also angel investors that you can find, as well as bank and small business lender loans that you can apply for.

When it comes to promoting your business, there are now cost-effective marketing strategies that you can use. You can leverage the power of social media, post amazing content on your blog or website, comment or do guest posting on popular blogs, and create shareable infographics. Having an email list is also important for your business. You can also start a referral program and offer freebies to get new customers and maintain good relationships with the existing ones. Don’t forget old school networking and giving out awesome business cards because they are still effective marketing strategies.

To summarize what we talked about, check out this infographic!

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