How to Create a Seasonal Marketing Strategy

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Seasonal events and holidays are huge and critical times for any business looking to attract more clients and increase profits. This is why developing a solid seasonal marketing strategy as part of the overall business plan is vital. It could be a bit challenging, though. But with a strategic business leader like you at the helm, reaching your goals is highly possible.

If you’re certain of what you want to achieve for your business for the season, then it’s time for you to create that seasonal marketing strategy. The following tips and steps shall guide you, so you’ll make the most of your marketing efforts and succeed:

1. Cover Strategic Areas

Cover all strategic areas, such as the holiday/season you’re targeting, your business environment or situation, budget, strengths and weaknesses, customers’ needs, and others.  Doing this will help you develop a strategy that’s clearer and easier to implement. It would also be helpful if you formulate questions focused on these areas before or while creating your strategy.

2. Make a Tasks List

As with other plans or activities, making a task list is important and useful when you create your seasonal marketing strategy. Do you need to take photos or shoot videos, order supplies, hire extra help, revamp your website, and look for additional funding? By listing the tasks that you need to do before the season starts, you’ll be more organized. Things will be less stressful and your whole team will be more efficient.

4. Incorporate the 5Ps of Marketing

There are various elements of the marketing mix, known as the 5Ps of marketing, that you need to learn to successfully create your strategy. It is important that you understand and consider the product you are selling, the price or cost of your product/service, the place or where you will sell or distribute your products, promotion or the methods for promoting your products/services to your target market, and the people (virtual assistants, sales agents, etc.) who will help you create or deliver your products/services.

4. Review and Modify

Agility and flexibility count in event marketing services strategy creation. Review the plan or strategy that you’ve come up with and assess if it is aligned with your goals and fits your business’ identity. Make adjustments or modifications to your strategy if necessary.

Be as specific and detailed as possible when creating your seasonal marketing strategy. Remember that this is what you will use to promote your brand to the world. Make sure that it focuses on your vision for your business. Consider the seasonal marketing tips we mentioned to be a winner every season!

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