5 Best Practices for Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has swiftly become one of the most integral parts of a marketer’s arsenal. In fact, by 2020, mobile marketers will drive 80% of engagements through mobile websites and reduce investments in native app development by as much as 25% to 30%. However, many brands still fail to establish an effective and efficient mobile marketing strategy.

Today, we’ll be looking at some best practices that you should observe when creating and implementing your mobile marketing campaign. Let’s explore each practice.

Keep your content concise

Content is still king but when it comes to mobile marketing, it’s best to keep your content concise. Remember that your target audience is accessing your content through a smaller screen. They don’t have the time to read lengthy articles and keep scrolling down to find what they are looking for.

Instead, create content that is informative and valuable but direct to the point. Though this can be a tough bar to reach but it is paramount that your content is compelling yet concise. Just remember the K-I-S-S principle. Keep It Short and Simple!

Make your emails mobile-friendly

Did you know that about 51% of consumers check their emails on their smartphones or tablets? Even with the rise of social media and other platforms, email still remains to be one of the most effective foundations of digital marketing. However, many businesses still make the mistake of not adjusting their emails to be mobile-friendly.

Optimize your emails to be compatible for both desktop and mobile viewing. Keep your headers short, resize your in-mail buttons to be large enough for finger-tapping, and adapt a single column layout. In addition, make sure that all links in your email redirect to a mobile-friendly page!

Be personal

As a marketer, you need to understand that your customers value their phones as an integral part of their daily lives. Since you’re reaching your customers through a personal gadget, it’s best to communicate with them in a personal yet professional tone.

Make sure to design mobile ads and emails that are specially targeted and relevant to the experiences and needs of your audience. Being personal allows you to foster a closer relationship with your customers and reach the core person that subscribed to your service.

Research before starting such a campaign is paramount. You’ll need to learn more about direct mail marketing and see how to fully utilize these features. Further, improve your email marketing strategies to make your emails more targeted and personalized for better engagement.

Maximize Local Search

Google processes billions of search queries each day. A large percentage of this is local searches occur on mobile devices. People often search for local businesses and services when out and about.

Take advantage of this increased use of mobile searches by submitting your mobile website to Google My Business which is a free business listing. This helps place your business in search results pages. Make sure to include your business address, contact information, and operating hours on your website. People shouldn’t have to go through so much trouble to find you!

Optimize your website for mobile

Perhaps one of the most common SEO pitfalls that marketers commit for is not optimizing their brand’s website for mobile devices. Search engines are recognizing this shift and are giving credence to brands and sites that are mobile-friendly.

Consumers today use a broad range of mobile devices from smartphones and tablets to smartwatches. Accessibility and compatibility is a key player in search engine page rankings (SEPRs). Thus, it is imperative that your site is compatible with all mobile devices. Make sure that you keep your site updated whenever a new device hits the market, too!

The demand for mobile browsing and access is on a rise. Exclusively desktop sites and emails are a thing of the past. It’s time to adapt to the new generation of mobile marketing and engage with your customers through smaller screens!

Do you know other best practices that you think we should share? Tell us about them in the comments below! Don’t forget that you can also avail of our free five-hour trial!

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