5 Vision Board Apps You Can Use to Start the Year

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Every successful business starts with a vision. As a business leader, it is important that you visualize what you desire to achieve for your business. A vision board can serve as a powerful tool to help you express your aspirations. Creating a vision board is fun and fulfilling. It is also easy, especially in this digital age when you can conveniently download and use vision board apps.

Whether you’re an iOS or an Android user, there’s a vision board app that’s perfect for you. So, set your goals for this year, gather inspiration, and unleash your creativity. Check out our list of vision board apps that you can use to start the year.

1. Corkulous

A vision board created using a corkboard, magazine cutouts, and pins have that old-school yet satisfying vibe. If you prefer this look, then you can have a digital vision board using the  Corkulous app. Originally designed as a tool for collecting, organizing, and sharing ideas, you can also use this multi-purpose app to create a to-do list, post images, and add inspiring quotes to motivate you to achieve your goals. In case you need help with image and quote research, you can ask your reliable VA for assistance.

2. Dream Vision Board

Dream Vision Board is packed with loads of features for vision board creation. With the ready-made templates, tons of affirmation suggestions, font and color options, and other tools, you can get as creative as you want to be while making a visual representation of your goals. Show your finished vision board to your staff! With this app’s handy sharing tool, you can send it to them via email or social network.

3. Jack Canfield Vision Board by Mogulworx

Renowned author and motivational speaker, Jack Canfield, strongly believes in the power of visualization. For him, visualizing goals and success using a vision board works! This is why he teamed up with leading app publishers, Mogulworx, to create a vision board app. You can visit his website to learn more and to download this app for free.

4. Hay House Vision Board

Envision and achieve your goals and drive business success with the help of the Hay House Vision Board app. This fun and powerful visualization tool features built-in affirmations, voice recording, photo and music upload, and other great customizable options. This app is a wonderful addition to the inspirational apps and self-development products created by Hay House, a company founded by motivational author and speaker, Louise Hay.

5. Perfectly Happy Vision Board App

The Perfectly Happy Vision Board app is an empowering self-enhancement tool to reach success easier and faster. It is the first to combine moving images (visualization), positive spoken affirmations, and emotional music all in one. The more vivid your vision, the easier it becomes to manifest your dream life. Always accessible on your mobile device/tablet.
You can select from a library with thousands of images, search/upload images from the internet, and include your own photos. You can also choose from 900+ spoken affirmations or write your own or empower yourself by putting an uplifting affirmations widget on your home screen.

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