How to Delegate Better This Year

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Managing and growing a business is not an easy feat. Business owners like you naturally have a lot on your plate – from planning marketing strategies and keeping employees motivated to overseeing finances and more. This is why you will greatly benefit from delegating workload, so you can focus on the crucial business development tasks.

Delegation is an essential management skill that most businesses practice. However, only 30% of managers or leaders are confident that they are able to delegate well. If you think you’re one of them, make it your goal to delegate better this year. Follow these simple yet effective tips:

Build a Priority System

Establish a system that includes all the tasks that you usually handle. Categorize them based on required skills and degrees of difficulty. Determine the tasks you should prioritize and want to keep on your own plate and the ones that you’re willing to let go and delegate to your employees. You’ll be able to delegate more efficiently if you have a firm priority system in place.

Match the Right Employee to the Right Task

Your employees have individual strengths and weaknesses, as well as unique sets of skills. To delegate better this year, make sure you match the task you wish to offload to the employee with the right expertise. Do not just assign it to anyone with the lightest workload at the moment. For example, it’s best to delegate email management work to a virtual administrative assistant, not to your company’s graphic designer.

Provide Clear Instructions

To avoid confusion and costly mistakes, give clear instructions and complete details about the task you’re delegating. Ensure that your employee understands his or her responsibilities, how you would like the assignment to be carried out, the deadline, and others. By practicing this proactive approach, your employee will be able to work more efficiently and you’ll get the best results.

Monitor, But Trust

When you delegate work to your employees, you make them feel confident, valued, trusted, and empowered. Researches have shown that empowered employees are more satisfied with and committed to their work. Consequently, this helps improve your business! It’s important to monitor their work and provide guidance when necessary, but know when to step back. Trust that with their skills and the authority or power given to them, they’ll be able to execute the tasks well.

Give Feedback

Give your employees feedback regarding their work. Make sure they know what you think of and how satisfied you are with their work. Don’t forget to thank them. Praise them for a job well done. Offer constructive criticism and let them know how they can improve if they’ve fallen short.

Majority of business leaders believe that they can grow their business by over 20% if they delegate 10% of their workload to others. Delegation could also be a key to your business’ success! Take note of the tips we’ve shared and start delegating more effectively this year.

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