5 Ways You Can Reuse Your Content

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Reuse, repurpose, recycle. We usually apply these to things or objects to give them new lives. But in the digital world, we can also put the three Rs to good use with regard to content. By reusing old content, you can have a steady flow of content for your website or social media, reach a new audience, drive more traffic, and make the most of your content creation efforts.

Maximizing your content is good for your business. Have you ever wondered how far you can stretch it? Take a look at some of the ways you can reuse your existing content.

1. Update and Repost Evergreen Content

Identify the evergreen content that you’ve published in the past. Compile and republish them with updates and new statistics or trends. You can also feature your best evergreen content on a newly-designed/added page on your website or a post on social media.

Brian Dean of Backlinko has been using this strategy for quite some time now. If it works for him and his business, it can work for you too!

2. Turn Old Blog Posts Into Infographics or Guides

Turning a text-heavy blog post into a graphic-heavy infographic is an excellent way to reuse old content. People love visuals. In fact, one marketing statistics revealed that this format is shared on social media 3x more than other types of content.

Another idea is to repackage old posts about one topic into a brand new guide. You can use free tools like Canva to create these types of content, which are a great tool in boosting brand awareness and audience engagement.

3. Evolve Video Content or Webinar Into a Blog Post or Ebook

Transcribe an existing video or interview/webinar you’ve done in the past and use it as a blog post. In case you have a series of sessions with several personalities, you can perhaps turn them into an eBook. This strategy will likely get a lot of traction as you can easily ask the people you’ve featured to share and promote the blog or eBook they were mentioned in.

4. Create Quizzes Out of Old Articles

Interactive content like quizzes are popular and people love them! Pull out past articles from your content chest and turn them into quizzes. With a slight tweak, you can come up with a content that’s more entertaining and interesting to read.

Online glasses retailer Zenni Optical once uploaded a quiz that quickly became viral and generated almost 30,000 lead conversions. Your old-article-turned-quiz could bring the same success to your brand.

5. Promote Old Content On Social Media

Reusing old content for social media posts is also a great idea, especially because of the popularity of social media sites or networks. You can use a tool like Revive Old Post to share an old content on social media. You can also perhaps take bites from an old, long article or blog post, add images, and post them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

With the tips and strategies we discussed here, you can make the most out of your existing content. Develop a plan and strategy so you can come up with more variations. Just remember the three Rs and you’ll never run out of content to promote and grow your business.

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