6 Ways to Deter Crime in Your Business

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Crime in the workplace is one of the risks in running a business. From external threats to employee theft, there are a wide range of potential crimes waiting to happen. You can minimize those risks with a robust crime-prevention strategy. If you want your business to be more secure, having the right security measures are going to be essential.

Fortunately, there are several high and low-tech ways that can reduce the risks and ensure that your business environment is safe and secure from crime at all times. This checklist will help you provide security for your people and protect your business.

1. Carry Out a Risk Assessment

Your security response is going to be dictated by how aware you are of potential risks. Make sure that you look at every aspect of your business and look for ways to optimize security both online and offline. Create a physical security checklist that includes daily security checks as well as weekly and monthly ones.

2. Increase Security In Your Premises

The physical security of your premises is going to be a major factor in your security. Businesses can easily fall victim to burglaries if your doors are not secured and you have no defense devices in place on your windows. The majority of burglaries are opportunistic, and even simple ideas like having timed lighting can prevent criminals from proceeding with their actions.

3. Protect Your Team

Your team may be at risk if they are involved in a criminal activity taking place in your business space. Robberies do happen, even in the age of cybercrime. Reduce those risks by conducting staff training on how to recognize high-risk situations, and reduce the need for physical cash kept in your premises. During high cash-flow periods, have a system in place that ensures all tills have the least amount of cash in them as possible.

4. Get Connected 24/7

Modern alarm systems are hyper-connected resources for business protection. From HD CCTV cameras that can stream live to your phone to burglar alarms from Eurolinksecurity.co.uk that are directly linked to the emergency services, today’s security is now cutting edge. Make sure that you have the best security systems in place and your workplace will be far safer.

5. Reduce Employee Theft

It’s a fact that employee theft is one of the major risk areas for a business. The reasons are many, but you can put processes in place to reduce exposure to this frustrating criminal act. Your hiring process is going to be the first step to a more secure business. You should also make sure that cash-counting is always double checked. Be prepared to act decisively in the worst cases. Contact the authorities if you know or suspect that an employee is stealing from you.

6. Reduce Paper Waste

Cybercriminals don’t just sit in basements trying to hack passwords. They also rummage through bins looking for printed info or even scrawled notes. Make sure that you reduce this risk by shredding paperwork. You could even go more secure by transitioning to a paperless office. This can take time but it does reduce your exposure to many risks.

Protecting you, your staff, and your business is vital. Crime can cause workflow disruption, or in worst-case scenarios even business closure. Make sure that you are well-prepared and have systems and in place to reduce the most common examples of business-related crime.

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