7 Software to Better Up your Recruitment and Retention Strategies

What happens when a top-performer leaves your organization? You’re at a loss and lean on the existing employees to fill that gap unless you find a suitable replacement.

How can companies stop such tipping points and ensure their employees don’t leave the organization?

That’s where technology comes into the picture.

In the tech space where we live, recruitment is no longer about using the newest hiring trend; it’s more about using the latest software to increase employee retention.

There are hundreds if not thousands of software, each boasting of bringing a revolutionary change. To make your life easier, we list some software that can bring a paradigm shift in your recruitment and retention strategies. 

Let’s explore and retain the top talent!

Here are six software that can lend a helping hand in your recruitment strategies.

1. TestGorilla

Hiring the wrong professionals can have negative business consequences. An organization that makes better hiring decisions has lower turnover and higher productivity. As a result, companies are slowly adapting to pre-employment tests to screen candidates to work in a particular job role. 

Tools like TestGorilla is a one-of-a-kind pre-employment testing tool that helps a company make faster and better hiring decisions. The intuitive platform offers an array of tests. 

You can test candidates with an attention to detail test, personality test, software skill, language, and culture tests. 

Name a skill you want to test, and TestGorilla provides you with a question that can help you test a candidate’s ability. 

For instance, the attention to detail test is ideal for job roles where candidates pay attention to textual details while processing information. Companies hiring customer care executives and office assistants can greatly benefit from this test.

Overall, it’s an excellent tool for anyone who doesn’t want to sit in the cumbersome process with unsuitable candidates.

Why use TestGorilla? With 85% of job applicants lying on their resumes, a pre-employment testing tool can help you hire candidates who are skilled and culturally fit.

2. Perkbox

So, what happens after you’ve hired a perfect match for your company? How to retain these employees?

Would providing quality work and timely employee recognition alone suffice?

Probably not!

That’s why it makes sense to invest in an employee discount scheme like Perkbox.

An employee discount scheme is a low-cost way to reward employees. Such programs empower employees to purchase products and obtain services at a discount. These schemes offer various products or services, including hotels and vacations, sporting event tickets, movie tickets, home and spa services, and financial services.

Enrolling in an employee discount scheme from Perkbox is a great way to offer versatile discount schemes.

Apart from providing membership of renowned gymnasium, employees can avail great discounts on gym apparel, supplements, and gym wearables. Employees can even enjoy complimentary access to yoga and other workout videos.

Perkbox is a great way to increase employee engagement and enhance retention.

Why use Perkbox? According to a survey, 63% of respondents say that benefits and perks are key in deciding whether to accept a job offer.

3. Alaya

Some businesses know that employees love working with them, while others know that employees barely tolerate working with them.

Why is it so?

The workplace engagement level decides whether employees prefer working with an organization. Employee engagement is essential because a company’s future is bleak if employees hate their jobs and the management is clueless about it.

That’s why companies use employee engagement software. Such software provides companies with an overview of their workplace satisfaction. From ensuring performance management to employee recognition, an engagement software like Alaya is what you need.

Alaya offers a gamified experience that motivates employees and brings a sense of achievement with a points system. Using this software, you can choose from various challenges to promote team values and ensure employee well-being.

The intuitive platform can build a community and foster interactions that enable employee recognition. Alaya stands out from the crowd because it aligns with your company’s activities and enables your employees to vote for a cause they want to support.

Why use Alaya? Employees who are committed and engaged perform 20% better and are 87% less likely to leave a company.

4. 15Five

Your employee has successfully cleared the pre-employment hiring process and now has successfully boarded your employment train.

The key to understanding how effectively and efficiently employees have performed over the year can help you know which employees are performing. Though the performance may not exceed your expectation, it should align with your expectations.

For monitoring employee performance, companies widely use tools such as 15five.

15five is your ultimate tool for developing effective managers and building a highly engaged workforce. Using the ‘Perform’ product, you can measure performance and inspire growth with a multifaceted approach to performance review.

The intuitive tool provides a 360-degree overview of an employee’s performance review. You can track the top objectives of employees across your organization.

Employees take charge of their growth using the ‘Request Feedback’ feature. Employees can seek feedback from themselves that can help them learn.

Other exemplary features the tool offers include weekly check-ins, one-on-one agendas, strength discovery, and role clarity.

Why use 15Five? Only 15% of women and 25% of men managers have confidence in their company’s performance evaluation process.

5. Empuls

As employees are a significant part of an organization, a company’s success largely depends upon them. So, it’s essential to know how employees feel about working with your company.

You cannot go from desk to desk seeking employee feedback.

That’s why employers turn to online employee survey tools to get employee feedback.

One such tool is the Empuls.

This software collects employee feedback and measures the effectiveness of the survey.

Empuls measures your employees’ sentiments and provides real-time feedback. It improves employee engagement because detailed and insightful feedback can help employees grow.

Empuls is one tool that allows you to identify why employees become advocates or detractors for your company. You can even identify common employee problems and understand the area of concern. 

What’s more interesting is that the employee feedback you collect can help you understand their experience, likes, and dislikes at every step.

Empuls allows you to create employee NPS surveys, engagement surveys, and employee lifecycle surveys. You can seamlessly integrate the tool with other online tools such as Gusto, Slack, and G Suite.

Why use Empuls? According to a report, only 29% of employees are satisfied with their career advancement opportunities. Obtaining such feedback from employees can help you take constructive steps to improve employee satisfaction. 

6. Salary.com

The compensation philosophy of an organization directly impacts the employee satisfaction rate. 

A company that fails in essential compensation planning risks losing and scaring away potential employees. 

However, designing an effective compensation plan is easier said than done.

That’s why companies are bringing a paradigm shift in their compensation planning and using compensation management tools for creating attractive pay packages. One such tool is Salary.com.

This online software is a compensation suite that helps companies manage compensation expenditure using real-time analytics.

Salary.com provides reliable records of employee pay levels, trends, and policies related to the compensation process.

You can get detailed data insights and make payments or salary-related decisions with confidence using this tool. What’s more interesting is that Salary.com streamlines workplace communications. You can easily communicate critical pay data to leaders and managers. This ensures accurate pay conversations.

Interestingly, it’s a recognized platform for those seeking reliable information about employees’ pay levels and compensation-related trends, policies, and practices.

With salary.com, you can make fair pay a reality. Also, when pay is fair, trust in the organization grows, and employees can thrive and face challenges towards achieving a common goal.

Why use salary.com? With 23% of employees not being paid fairly, a compensation management tool can make your workforce satisfied and engaged.

7. Freshworks

Do you need and incredible solution that lets you follow your initiatives from the lead stage all the way to the desired results, thus saving a lot of time?

We’re all aware of the fact of how much time-consuming the collaboration and the hiring processes can be, especially if you work from home.

Being able to monitor what your team members are working on, cooperate on assignments, and be more effective during the recruitment process making it a breeze, are just some of the options offered by Freshworks.com

Talent acquisition managers can monitor their hiring process and draw up reports with the use of ATS systems.

Why use Freshworks? 89% of IT professionals waste time each week as a result of bulky applications, according to a new Freshworks report, hence the main benefit from employing an ATS system for recruiters is the reduction in time needed on procedures and data gathering.”

Which would possibly change the title to 7 Software to Better Up Your Recruitment and Retention Strategies

Choosing the best software for recruitment and retention

An essential task for any HR manager and HR team is to choose the right tool and software to build a tech stack.

Apart from hiring the right employee, these tools can streamline HR-related work and minimize obstacles. The right recruitment and retention tool can help you retain the top talent.

A small investment can result in great value and streamline your hiring process. So, before hiring an appropriate tool, create a list of your ‘nice to have’ and ‘must-have’ features. You can decide which software to choose based on your requirement and pricing.

For creating a holistic recruitment and retention strategy, you might have to use more than one software from our list. Each of these software serves a different purpose. 

So, weigh your options and choose ones that increase employee satisfaction and engagement. 

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