Best Practices in Running Your Online Store

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Managing an online business requires entrepreneurs to make their presence felt online. Getting the attention of users is a good start to establish your reputation. Providing good customer experience through your website builds a good connection between you and your consumers. Plus, it encourages more engagements.

Here are the best practices in running your online store to attract consumers and keep loyal followers.


Maintaining Regular SEO-driven Blogs

Blogs can generate more traffic for your business. Insert SEO keywords and helpful details while you’re at it. These elements will boost your posts up in the rankings of search engine results. According to research, 74% of consumers use search engines to make their decision and complete the purchase.

Your competition is also doing their best to get the spotlight. Obtaining a good ranking in search engine results will give you the upper hand.

Insert Eye-catching Images

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Adding appealing images on your page will grab the attention of many web users. It will make your products look desirable to potential customers. Uploading high-quality pictures on your site gives consumers the impression that your brand is reliable.

Experts say that images are helpful to initiate engagements from users. According to a study presented by Lauren Freedman, president of The E-tailing Group, 75% of customers rely on product images when they shop online. This shows the importance of picking great images that will make consumers interested in your products.

Convenient Payment Options

It’s easy for customers to make a purchase if they have various payment methods to choose from. Making the options simple also helps. Customers are more likely to shop more often if your site offers easy checkouts, a wide variety of payment options, and checkouts without having to register.

Customers are more likely to hit the cancel button if their preferred payment option is unavailable. Checkout HostGator’s top 10 payment options for online shoppers.

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Provide Online Support

Give your customers an assurance that support will be provided to them after completing the purchase. Online chat support is one of the most common features that online stores use these days to answer inquiries. This can turn potential buyers and first-time customers into avid followers of your brand.

Offering this feature gives consumers better understanding of your brand. It also reduces the chances of customers abandoning the shopping cart. Research shows that 73% of shoppers gain satisfaction from live online chat support.


It’s easy for entrepreneurs to make adjustments with their strategies if they can track their progress. There are several analytics tools available like Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Adobe Marketing Cloud, etc. These programs can help owners check key metrics such as number of site visitors, sales, traffic sources and the number of shopping cart abandonment.

Tracking analytics will help set long-term tactics and ideas on how to get more engagements and potential sales.

Online marketing is rapidly evolving. But key strategies for entrepreneurs remain the same. Following the tips mentioned will help establish the groundwork and solid foundation for your brand.


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  1. Jey Gee Layno

    Wow! Thank you for this article! It is very timely because I just put up my online store and I actually don’t have any idea on how to make it more appealing to customers. Now that I’ve read this, I’ll try to apply these tips for my store and hopefully capture more visitors for my site.


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