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Email may be considered an old or traditional communication and marketing channel, but it remains as one of the most effective. As a marketer or business owner, it’s best that you keep email in your marketing arsenal while exploring other more contemporary strategies like social media. Nowadays, automation is the key to optimizing email marketing and reaping its benefits.

With email marketing, you can successfully reach your target customers, promote your business, improve customer retention, and boost your sales and profits! You’ll increase your chances of achieving these goals through automation. To help you automate your email marketing, take a look at these practical steps and tips:

Craft a Plan

According to research, email automation is the top marketing automation strategy used by marketers. To embark on this strategy and finish strong, a carefully crafted and solid email automation plan is essential. You can start by identifying your goals and which emails you want to automate. Do you wish to focus on welcome emails and confirmation messages or engagement and subscription renewal emails? It’s important that you determine the data that you will use, where you’ll get them, and how you’re going to put them in your email marketing automation system.

Leverage Automation Tools

The ever-evolving and growing tech market is now packed with innovative tools that you can easily download and use. Mailchimp, GetResponse, and AWeber are only three of the top email marketing automation tools that you might want to consider. Regardless of your email automation goals – from building high-converting landing pages and identifying quality leads to streamlining your workflow and others, there’s a tool that’s perfect for your business.

Establish your Flowchart

Once you’ve chosen the tool to power your email automation, it’s time to set up your flowchart. Prepare the email messages that you want to send to your subscribers. Establish your pre-selected triggers and determine when to move your subscribers forward. For example, if someone joins your mailing list, then he’ll also automatically get a promo code. When a contact engages with your email, he will then get a message about an offer. He’ll also be moved to a group that regularly receives discounts and special offers.

Measure your Marketing Effectiveness

As with other marketing strategies, you won’t know the effectiveness of your automated email initiative unless you measure it. The best email marketing tools available today can also provide you with a complete data on email-related metrics. These include click-through rate, open rate, conversion rate, and ROI, which are the four most important email marketing metrics according to DMA. Using your chosen tool, monitor your campaigns and find out which messages are doing well. Refine your messages and strategies and use your most successful ones for future email marketing efforts.

Setting up email automation for your business need not be complicated and expensive. Take note of the steps and tips we’ve mentioned to make this process work for you. Automate your email marketing and start building stronger relationships with your target market and achieving your marketing goals.

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