Best AI Apps Available Today

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More technology companies are now investing in developing artificial intelligence (AI) apps, and more consumers are embracing them. Various researches reveal that the global AI software market revenue is constantly growing. It is expected to rise from $9.5 billion in 2018 to $118.6 billion by 2025.

Siri, Cortana, and Alexa are three of the most famous and widely-used AI apps in the market today. But there are other brilliant apps that you should also consider whether you’re an iOS or an Android user. Let’s explore some of them:


This voice-powered digital assistant was developed by audio and speech recognition company, SoundHound. With Hound, you can search by speaking naturally and get fast and accurate results! Use this app to send a text or call a colleague, know the weather, get directions to a client’s address, find hotel rooms for your business trip, determine stock price, and more.


ELSA is a top-ranked state-of-the-art AI speech recognition technology designed to help individuals improve their English pronunciation. This app can be your personal virtual English coach. As a business owner, you can use it to train your staff, especially non-native English speakers, so they’ll learn how to speak English more clearly, fluently, and confidently in no time.


Do you feel down or anxious and want someone to talk to? You can count on Replika – an advanced AI app that can be your companion in achieving mental wellness. Developed by AI startup, Luka, this app allows you to create your replica, speak freely, and explore your personality. In your organization, this app can be your partner in looking after your employees’ well-being and promoting good mental health.

Jarvis Artificial Intelligent

Inspired by Marvel’s Iron Man’s AI assistant, Jarvis is another innovative AI app that allows you to use your phone hands free! This app by GS Tech is packed with great features, including voice recognition and hot word detection. If you have your hands full with several business tasks, just open the app and let it assist you in making a call, setting alarm, playing music, and do so much more.

Microsoft Pix

From one of the leading tech companies today comes an AI-powered smart camera app that helps you take awesome photos. With Microsoft Pix, you’ll have a professional photographer on your phone! You can shoot live images, take sharper pictures, enhance face, add frames, and more. Optimize this app’s amazing features, whether during product shoots or company get-togethers, and capture life’s best moments on camera!

Socratic – Math and Homework Help

This AI-based app is heaven sent for kids (and their parents) having a difficult time answering their homework, especially in math. Socratic – Math and Homework Help is like having a digital teacher ready to assist you anytime and anywhere. Just take a picture of the question using the app and you’ll get step-by-step insights, accurate answers, explanations, and more. It’s a good tool to use for busy parents and business owners like you, who wish to teach and help their kids with their homework.

It’s amazing how modern technology like AI helps make our lives and jobs easier and more fun. Whether for personal or business purposes, there’s now an AI app that you can use. Try the best apps we’ve mentioned and make the most of what AI has to offer.

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