How to Make a digital Vision Board for 2022 That Actually Works – Successful Manifestation Made Easy!

After a tough 2021 with Covid 19 having a major negative impact on our social life, this is a profound tool to lift our spirits and refocus on the positive and bright side of life.

The New Year of 2022 is the starting point to leave the negative memories of the past behind and focus on the positive vision of your future. To set our goals and intentions for 2022 and achieve them.

So, what about waking up tomorrow with an elevating vision, instead of the same memories and thought patterns of the past? The first thoughts of the day will set the tone for the rest of your day. What about priming your day with your positive vision of your future? Making sure you have an amazing day, every day throughout the year.

For centuries successful people have used the scientifically proven and tested practices of visualization and affirmations to live a more fulfilled life. Combining these mental techniques in one digital application is an easy and powerful way to visualize and manifest your dream life. Perfectly Happy Vision Board & Affirmations app combines all in one, easy to use and always accessible on your mobile device.

With this day and age, the vision board game has been stepped up through digital vision boards. And we can all use digitalization to our benefit. You can now take your vision board with you wherever you go, become clearer of what you want and stay motivated and focused.

Successful athletes, musicians, entertainers, managers and even billionaires still use a vision board for visualization every day to reach their peak performance. This self-help app gives easy access to these powerful mental techniques. It upgrades visualization and affirmations to enable users to take their destiny into their own hands and start following their inner calling.

The Perfectly Happy Vision Board app is an empowering self enhancement tool to reach success easier and faster for the upcoming year. Our digital vision board is the first to combine inspiring, moving images (visualization), positive, spoken affirmations and emotional music. The user chooses the content, and the app immediately builds the vision board of the user’s dream life. The more vivid the vision, the easier it will go into the subconscious and manifest. The vision board makes it much easier for users to define goals and combine a clear intention with an elevated emotion. And then to focus like a laser beam.

Engaging with the vision board is uplifting and empowering. It puts a smile on your face every time you use it, making sure you have an amazing day, every day.

The combination of a vision board and affirmations is the perfect mindfulness app for beginners, as it is very simple to use. But it also helps intermediate and advanced users to manifest their dream lives faster and easier.

3 easy steps to achieve your goals and to make 2022 an amazing year

What better way to kick off 2022 with the clarity and vision of your goals. All it takes is 3 easy, simple yet impactful steps to make 2022 your year of success!
Whether it be career, abundance, lifestyle, body positivity, your dream body, or the perfect relationship! In the app you can choose from various categories that will help you define your dreams and goals!

  1. Choosing inspiring images for your Vision Board

Pick images from the Perfectly Happy app, from the web or with just one click include your own photos. Choose images that take your fancy and are aligned to the goals that you have identified for the upcoming year.

When you look at the images, always ask yourself what feelings do they trigger in you?

You can always change your images according to your current intentions. This is a major benefit for digital Vision Boards. If your goals change slightly over time you can easily adapt your Vision Board, by adjusting some images or affirmations with a simple click.

  1. Combine with uplifting Affirmations

Add affirmations to your images for maximum benefit. Choose from over 900+ affirmations that resonate with you or write your own!

Affirmations will amplify the positive impact of the images on a different mental level, which works in one session, simultaneously. They condition your subconscious, so your brain works towards making the affirmations your manifested reality.

  1. Amplify with emotional Music

Listen to emotional uplifting music while watching your vision board. You can choose from the Perfectly Happy music or upload your favourite feel good song that triggers positive emotions in you.

Now, this is a great benefit specifically for a digital vision board app! It helps elevate your emotions and increases your motivation for your goals. Making your manifestation more successful.

Uplifting Affirmations Widget 

You can also very easily add a widget to your home screen showing you uplifting affirmations and motivational quotes. It helps to empower you by looking at them whenever you see your smartphone home screen. Making sure you have an amazing day, every day in the new year.

Motivational Affirmation Reminders for 365 days of motivation

Set multiple affirmation reminders that are delivered to you to stay motivated and focused throughout the year 2022 and beyond.

The Gratitude Journal to attract more positive things in life

Perfectly Happy allows you to write your positive daily experiences in your own personal gratitude journal, on your smartphone. You focus on the positive things in your life, feel grateful for them and automatically draw in even more opportunities to be grateful for!

 How to manifest your dream life with a Vision Board app?

Making a vision board isn’t something you should complete in haste even though the temptation may be there as it’s so simple and exciting. Find a nice quiet place and start off by relaxing. Let your imagination flow. Focus on what you want to achieve in 2022.

For the sake of making, it effective and powerful, you need intention and clarity.

You can easily create a vision board of your dream life here and now. Write the script for 2022 the way you want it. List areas of your life that are important to you right now. Ask yourself; what really matters to me? What are my aspirations? And what is my intention for the next year? How do I want to feel? Embrace the feeling/ desired state like a person on your team. “Welcome success, nice that you are in my midst, I like having you completely in my life!” You have just upgraded your script with your new team member.

This whole process is really more of a feeling process rather than thinking. For example, if you want a new house by 2022, how do you want that home to make you feel?

Imagine the best version of you, you could ever dream of. Without limitations, where absolutely nothing is impossible. Every time you see your vision board/ dream life, you get a positive feeling within. It can be used with every image and every feeling (e.g. dream home = feeling safe and secure). For each vision board you focus on one or a maximum of two topics/feelings and thus expand your whole script of life. Intention and clarity are most important to make the vision board work.

Bringing your Vision Board to life with just three dedicated minutes a day

Just three minutes a day is all it takes to take the right steps to achieving your dreams and making 2022 an amazing year!

There is no need to be a meditation expert. Perfectly Happy app’s simplicity lies in using images. It makes it the perfect self-help app for beginners. It also helps intermediate and advanced users become clearer of what they truly want. You stay motivated and focused. It simply helps you to manifest your dream life, faster and easier.

It is like a little personal companion that helps you to overcome a relapse of negative emotions. It supports you to refocus on the positive, sunny side of life.

Most important for us is that it leaves you with a better feeling every time you use it.

Have a great 2022 by defining your perfect vision of your future with your personal vision board.

Become Perfectly Happy!

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