How to Organize Your Personal Schedule

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As entrepreneurs and professionals, work isn’t the only thing that keeps us busy. There are personal tasks and goals that we also need to attend to and accomplish on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This is why learning how to effectively manage and organize our personal schedule for our relationships and personal development is essential.

No matter how tight or flexible your schedule is, having good time management and organization skills can help you be more productive and live a less stressful life. Take a look at these useful tips on organizing your personal schedule so you can make the best use of your time:

Use a Scheduling Tool

Whether you’re tech-savvy or the traditional/classic type, a scheduling tool will always come in handy. You can use a good-old desk calendar, a planner, your phone calendar, or those easily-downloadable apps like Google Now and Doodle to set your personal schedule properly and maximize your effectiveness.

Make Your To-Do List

To effectively schedule your personal time, start by penciling in your tasks. Similar to goal setting, it is best if you have a visual reminder of the things that you need to do every day, every week, or every month. Identify the high-priority, as well as the trivial tasks.

You can break your day into blocks and write down your tasks in the morning, midday/afternoon, and evening. You can also mark your calendar for your appointments for a particular week or for the month.

Establish Available Time

Identify the time that you can or should make available for certain tasks.  For example, you can schedule driving your kids to school at 7am before you go to work, grocery shopping every Wednesday at 6pm, or dinner date with your spouse/partner every other Friday. By establishing your available time, accomplishing your tasks will be easier and less stressful for you.

Stick to Your Schedule

Flexibility is a good thing, but it’s best if you stick to your schedule as much as possible. For example, if you have a full day and you suddenly get an invitation for a two-hour lunch, then it’s probably better if you say ‘no’ to the invite.  Part of effective time management/organization skills is knowing when to accept or decline unexpected or unplanned events that can change your schedule.

Analyze and Test Drive Your Schedule

Do your scheduled tasks and allotted times match? How do you feel about your schedule? Assess how your routine or schedule is working for you. Make adjustments as necessary until you’re satisfied and you think that you’re using your time in the most effective way.

Creating and organizing a schedule in line with your personal goals and tasks is important. Doing this can be a bit challenging, but it will pay off in the end. Consider the tips we shared not just to develop better time management skills, but also to build a happier and more fulfilling personal life!

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  1. Lira

    This is a great article. It is very informative and helpful. Personally, I have been having problems in remembering all the schedules that I have for a certain days. I would like to try some of the tips from this article. I would comment an update of the particular tool that I used to managed my schedule well.

  2. Jaemy Glemao

    Nice article! It’s simple to understand, and has easy points for people to undertake, especially those who want to start organizing their personal schedules. As someone who has a personal schedule myself, following a daily routine and being able to accomplish tasks throughout the day (no matter how small) can do wonders for your own morale and mental state. The sense of productivity keeps you going, and can eventually develop into a habit where you diligently perform your daily tasks. After all, we like crossing things out from our to-do list!

  3. Ven Delby O Miguel

    This article is the best one that I’ve read in ages. Its very detailed and informative. Well for me I’ve been doing these things for quite sometime now and it really helps when your dumped with so many tasks. These are the best tips that one can follow and apply and the thing is it works!

  4. Nina Alvarez

    These tips are great! They apply to any job in any field– personally, I’ve been having trouble setting schedules as a writer, and this article offers really good insight, especially with analyzing and test-driving a certain set schedule. Thanks, Pepper VA!

  5. Via

    One of my favorite things to do, is having a to-do list! lol
    All the techniques listed are proven! Good job!

  6. Rhea

    Wow, what a great article. I find it very helpful. Organizing my schedule is one of my weaknesses. I sometimes too focus in every little details to be perfect and tend lose sight on bigger pictures. So this is the answer.

  7. Jimmy

    This is a helpful article that I can consider. I might forget some of the minor and major occassions due to lack of schedule management. With this kind of tool, I think that I can attend on those events without having a conflict with my daily what-to-do list. In that way, managing all the plans on some certain days will be easier for me to handle.



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