Infographic: Generational Shifts

It’s Friday once again and it’s time for another infographic! This week, we focused on generational shifts in the workplace. With Millennials and Gen Zs now making up a large portion of the workforce, it is important for business leaders like you to develop and implement new management strategies.

In our blog, How Millennials and Gen Z Employees Differ at Work, we learned that while Millennials and Gen Zs share various traits and needs, they still differ in many ways. Millennials crave constant recognition and collaborative work. Gen Zs, on the other hand, are motivated by financial rewards and prefer to work alone.

Because of these differences, you need to diversify your management techniques for each generation. Encourage work flexibility and promote teamwork for your Millennial employees. Embrace new technology and support your Gen Z workers’ entrepreneurial spirit. These are some of the tips we’ve shared in How to Manage Millennial and Gen Z Employees.

To summarize our blogs about generational shifts, take a look at this infographic:

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