It’s out with the old and in with the new as we welcome the New Year with a bang! Hello, 2016! At Pepper, we’re excited to kick off the year with high spirits and full hearts.

Before getting down to business, we’d like to give a special shout out to our clients for the amazing year we’ve had together in 2015. We are bouncing with energy to start the year with you as we continue to be your partner in your business’ growth and success.

Now without further ado, we’re giving everyone a heads up on the official Philippine holidays for this year. This is so that our clients can see the dates when their virtual assistants will be off, consequently helping them plan their projects beforehand. We like to ensure our clients that there are no pending tasks lying around. We want you know what to expect and that all deliverables are turned in before we flip the switch to vacation mode. This allows us to enjoy our rest days without worrying about work waiting!

With that said, here’s the complete list of government-mandated Philippine holidays for 2016 for your reference and long-term planning. HAPPY 2016!

*Please note: The Kadayawan Festival is a holiday in Davao City, where our office is located. It is celebrated in the month of August. We will announce the exact date of the holiday when the local government offices issues an official declaration.

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