Noteworthy AI Advances and Intervention

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has become not only a trend or a buzzword in the modern world. It is also now regarded as a necessary tool for personal and professional or business use. From messenger chatbots and email response prompters to voice assistants like Alexa and Siri and machine learning models, AI influences and transforms us.

As AI technology continues to expand, more AI developments can be noted. In fact, a joint report by PwC and CBInsights revealed that investments in AI startups increased by 21% and are expected to continue to rise this year. Let’s take a look at two of the most significant AI advances and interventions big companies and technology experts have invested in recently.

Facial and Emotion Recognition

Nowadays, we no longer need popular sci-fi television series like Black Mirror to remind us that AI can really be part of our lives. We are already seeing facial and emotional recognition and similar high-tech systems in action!

AI is definitely changing the world, and AI expert and venture capitalist Kai-Fu Lee agrees. So far, he has funded 50 AI start-ups. These include several $1-billion companies and Face++ – a leading facial recognition technology and cognitive services platform.

By using fast computer chips, online data, and a programming innovation called, “deep learning,” this kind of AI is capable of describing how a person looks and what he wears and identifying who he is. Furthermore, it also has the power to tell how he feels with its emotion recognition system.

Most people used to fear facial and emotion recognition technologies, primarily because of privacy issues. But as AI advances, more embrace the technology and recognize its advantages now. This is most likely why Lee chooses to advance AI and invest in such AI platforms or services.

AI Intervention System to Counter Cyberbullying

The number of social media users is increasing exponentially. Unfortunately, cases of cyberbullying are also on the rise. According to statistics, cyberbullying on social media is most prevalent on Instagram. But the photo and video-sharing social network was quick to address this growing concern.

Although Instagram already uses AI to monitor and remove negative content, it is now set to launch an AI intervention system designed to track online harassment and help stop cyberbullying. According to Instagram head Adam Mosseri, this advanced AI feature is designed to notify people if their comment can be considered offensive. It would help encourage people to reflect on their comment and undo it before posting.

In addition to this AI intervention, Instagram is also promoting the “Restrict” feature, which aims to make it more difficult for bullies to get the attention of their targets. With this feature, users can block bullies discreetly and make them invisible. Restricted users won’t know your status on Instagram and their comments on your posts will only be visible to them.

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Roles of These AI Systems in Business

Facial and emotion recognition and Instagram’s anti-cyberbullying feature are just two of the many AI advancements worth paying attention to. As a business owner, they can bring various benefits to your organization. You can use a facial and emotion recognition system to get to know your customers when they visit your store, as well as find out how your employees feel, and therefore implement ways to boost employee satisfaction and engagement.

By using features such as Instagram’s AI intervention tool, you can also improve your social media marketing strategy. It can be a good way to stop trolls, restrict users that bully your other followers, and make your page a safe environment for your target audience.

These advantages show that leveraging AI can be great for your business, too. Consider investing in this technology to innovate, transform, and grow!

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