The Best of Pepper Blog 2013

Before we wrap up the year, we’d like to show you the highlights of Pepper’s blog this 2013. We have covered some of the latest business stories, unlocked the secrets of leading brands, and provided a comprehensive inside look at the outsourcing industry. We hope you enjoyed reading them and found something useful and insightful for your business, too!

10. 5 Ways QR Codes Can Boost Your Marketing Campaign

QR Codes received much attention this year, offering a different dynamic in brand marketing. Here we looked at how you can leverage this multi-dimensional code for your business.

9. Facebook Tweaks News Feed Prioritizing High Quality Content

This breaking marketing news sent shock waves to social media marketers. This blog showed how you can work around this change and use it to your advantage!

8. Men are from LinkedIn, Women are from Pinterest: How Gender Influences Social Media Usage

Knowing the demographics of your social media followers and users is crucial to the success of your marketing efforts. Here we explored the social media sites where men rule and women dominate.

7. The Art of Building Your Blog Reputation Series

Creating a blog is easy but making it stand out from the rest is challenging. In this series, we covered how you can establish your expertise, create quality content, and encourage reader engagement.

6. Locked In: How to Keep Your Data Secure When Outsourcing

We know how important data security is when outsourcing. This blog provides you with a checklist to guide you in ensuring that your data will remain protected and secure.

5. Why You Need to be on Google+

We looked at Google+ because a lot of people do not see the potential and advantages of being active in this social media site. Here we tackled why it’s a win-win situation for you to be on Google+.

4. Smart Delegation: Five Tasks You Should Outsource

Knowing what to outsource will increase your productivity. This blog outlines the tasks you can and should outsource while giving you reasons why you ought to.

3. Picture Perfect: A Blogger’s Guide to Copyrighted Images

Many bloggers do not know the implications of simply grabbing images from the web. Here we gave bloggers a crash course in copyright 101 to help them choose the best images without legal mishaps.

2. The Bold and The Brilliant Series

Learning from successful people can make a huge difference in your business. Here we zeroed in on the keys behind the success of some of the world’s biggest brands namely Apple, Google, and Facebook.

1. Strategic Outsourcing: 5 Aspects of Business You Should Never Outsource

You can outsource practically anything nowadays but there are certain things that you shouldn’t. In this blog we discussed these business areas and gave you the reasons why it has to remain in-house.

There you have it! It’s the best of Pepper blog in a nutshell. Till next year! We look forward to sharing more engaging and noteworthy blogs with you!

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