Men are from LinkedIn, Women are from Pinterest: How Gender Influences Social Media Usage

How Gender Influences Social Media Usage Virtual Assistants Philippines
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Social media has changed the way we communicate and interact with each other. In 140 characters or less, you can either inspire people or cause online outrage. The photo you shared can become viral in minutes. In one quick search, you can reconnect with your former classmates and colleagues. People use social media sites for different purposes. Demographics vary, too. Men and women do not share equal footing when it comes to social media usage. Some scream girl power while others are undeniably a man’s world.

According to a study done by Pew Research Center, women have been dominating the social media world from 2009 to 2012. The female users were 10 percent higher than men. It dipped a little bit to 8 percent when the latest reading included the 2013 figures. Let’s breakdown these social media sites and see which gender dominates each of them.


In a consolidated report by Internet Service Providers, it showed that users spend 405 minutes in Facebook monthly. Women outnumbered men by 58 percent. They are also more active with 62 percent of its female users sharing content. Ladies have more friends, too, compared to men with an 8 percent edge. If your goal is to have your content shared, target it to the female populace who will most likely share it at a faster rate. Travel promos generally draw both genders to participate. The idea of a free vacation is impossible to resist!


With 16 percent of online adults using Twitter, the ladies rule Twitterverse by 62 percent. There are 40 million more women who visit Twitter monthly than men. This means that tweets targeted to the female group will have more retweets, follows, and mentions. Convey your promos and discounts in 140 characters or less and let the ladies do the talking! For example, beauty company @HairDazzle randomly picked winners from those who followed them and retweeted their promo during the contest period.


Males lead the pack with 54 percent. LinkedIn has been used mainly for researching about other companies and reconnecting with previous colleagues.  It’s no surprise that more men use LinkedIn as male business owners want to be ahead of the game in their respective industries. With LinkedIn, you can learn about your competitor’s profile, check out employees who previously worked for them, and possibly pirate those competent managers.


Men dominate Google circles with 64 percent. However, only 1 out of 4 males use it as a form of social networking. Around 75 percent of its users do not interact with each other. Google+ is like a more professional version of Facebook where more business-related content is shared. If you are aiming for the male group, make sure your Google+ account is active. With Google hashtags now in place, the hashtags you use in Google+ will now appear in the Google search engine. This means more exposure for you.


Pinterest is a female’s world ruling the site with 70 percent of its usage. Women love the do-it-yourself stuff, recipe pins, and other design inspirations. All is visual with Pinterest. Want your women customers to go gaga over your products? Pin the best photos of your merchandise. If you’re in the clothing industry, recommend a daily ensemble for the working woman—from top to shoes and accessories! If you’re in the food industry, pin recipes that will feature your products! Ideas and inspiration has never been more powerful with the use of Pinterest.


More men watch YouTube compared to women. Men spend one hour on the average weekly compared to women who only spend 35 minutes. The site’s male user base is at 54 percent. Demo videos are usually a hit to male viewers. Gadget reviews are also well-received most especially if comparisons are done with similar products. Webinars garner a lot of views from male businessmen, too. The more content you share, the more viewers will patronize your products.

Knowing the gender demographics of these social media sites will help you tailor-fit your content and marketing efforts. The voice of social media is getting stronger as its reach grows wider. You need to keep in tune to what users are saying to help you become more effective in your social media management. Their preferences and interests are crucial to the direction of your business. Cover all bases by having accounts on these social media sites and be the brand that provides content that both genders need. Men may be from LinkedIn and women may be from Pinterest but both genders can be equally engaged when you give them what they want and prove your relevance at the same time.

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  1. honey

    That’s funny because I dont appreciate Pinterest but I open my LinkedIn daily 🙂

    • Pepper

      Perhaps LinkedIn is more beneficial for you than Pinterest! 🙂 Thanks for your insight!

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