Why You Need to be on Google+

Why You Need to be on Google+ Virtual Assistants Pepper Philippines
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Many users still think that Google+ does not have a place in the social media world. It seems to be sending off a serious image that makes users perceive it as uncool. Some are wondering who exactly are on Google+. Whether it’s the netizens’ generalized opinion or mere social media buzz, there’s no reason to be misled that Google+ has minimal impact on the web.

Forbes reports that Google+ is now second in the most number of active users, surpassing Twitter. That clearly debunks the myth that Google+ is lagging far behind. Facebook still holds the top spot but it’s starting to get a bit shaky up there for Mark Zuckerberg and his team with Google on its tail and YouTube lurking at the number three spot. If you’re still thinking twice whether Google+ is worth your time and effort, allow us to give you some compelling reasons why it deserves your attention.

Google+ content gets picked up easily by Google

With Google integrating your personal search with social media search, the search engine giant is capitalizing on Google+ to find new content. Web experts have seen that links shared on Google+ are indexed quickly by Google. It makes posts crawl up easily which gives bigger exposure compared to other social media sites. Hashtags can now be used in your Google+ post and you can now search hashtags on Google! It appears as part of related posts on the right side of the results page.

Google+ centers on content

Google+ encourages content creation most especially high quality ones because it can be added to Google’s search results. Google+ is one of the places where the people talking are truly knowledgeable of what they’re discussing. Its targeted communities and circles allows for new and relevant content. In fact, Copyblogger calls Google+ a topical network.  Now that’s great news for content marketers who want to be recognized for their quality content. To put this in contrast, Facebook makes you pay if you want more content exposure while Twitter limits what you want to say. So yes, it’s worth it to post your content on Google+.

Google+ has Hangouts

Hangouts is probably the most underrated and underutilized function of Google+. Hangouts replaced Talk, adding more features that ultimately make things easier for Google+ users. So what can you do with Hangouts? You can hold group meetings and presentations which you can’t do in other social networks. Imagine the convenience of even sharing documents via Google docs and editing them real time as the brainstorming goes along! You can even host a webinar or panel discussion easily like a pro.

Google+ is tied to the Googleverse

Google has created its own universe with its Gmail, YouTube, Blogger, and other apps tied together. Being in Google+ gives you the best and easiest platform to be on social media with resources easily at your disposal. If you want to add a video in your post, you can easily link to YouTube. If you want to share your blog via Blogger and yes, even WordPress, you can do so in a snap through Google+. If you want to link reliable sources to your post, you can search easily using the great Google algorithms. Now that’s taking multi-tasking a notch higher.

Google+ ripples your content

Google+ has a feature called Ripples which is a great tool for businesses. It allows you to see how far your content has reached. It shows a circle graph that has your content at the center and the shares on the circles branching out from it. From there you can see the activity of your content and the Google+ users who actively follow you. You can also view the comments made by a user even if it was on a shared post. Ripples works like analytics but it’s easier to view because of the interactive graphics. You can leverage this by connecting with your most influential followers and giving them something extra like insider access to your brand and your events.

Why don’t you give Google+ a try? Create your account now, connect with friends and influencers (there are a lot in Google+), post relevant content, and see how it will work for you and your business. Google+ will give your social media management the boost it needs. If you think other social networking sites are giving you maximum exposure then that is only the tip of the iceberg if you are not on Google+. Once you start building your profile and content on this site, you’ll realize how much wider your reach can go and discover the huge potential you have yet to capitalize on.

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  1. Bea Talingitng

    Hey! Google+ is a must try! At first, I was hesitant about it but when I tried, i found myself enjoying the site. It is a different site from other social media sites, yet it’s fun and entertaining. It has a lot to offer and you can express yourself freely. Try it!

    • Pepper

      Thank you for sharing that great insight, Bea! 🙂 Google+ is indeed worth the try!

  2. Jennifer Grace Layno

    I never knew that Google+ has so many functions until I have read this article. I created a Google+ account before just for the sake of having one since it is a trend but when I started exploring it, I have came to realize that everything is just so easy. You can do so many things at the same time. You can share your favorite videos on Youtube in just a snap and unlike other social media sites, you can manage your circles and label them how you want them to whether they are your friends, family members or workmates. That way, you can easily identify how you have met that person in your circle.

    • Pepper

      Thank you for sharing those great insights, Jennifer! Hope you continue visiting our blog! 🙂

  3. Misheda M. Perral

    this is actually the first time i knew about Google+ and when i tried it. It really allows me to do so much unlike other social media sites its like a one stop shop but in a social media form and once get into the site you’ll be able to maximize everything and this is a must share site to your friends and everyone around you.
    the best!

    • Pepper

      Couldn’t agree more, Misheda! Thanks for sharing your experience! 🙂


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