The Best Reviews Plugins for WordPress Websites (2022)

As internet marketing and eCommerce become more important to organizations, the need for user evaluations has increased dramatically. Consumer evaluations not only inform other consumers about a brand or product, but they also assist businesses in demonstrating their trustworthiness. As a result, we’re seeing a trend where businesses use Google review widgets, consumer review feeds, and other methods to show reviews on their websites.

There are a few plugins that can be used by WordPress website users to curate and display a Google review widget on their website. These plugins aid you in retaining consumers by offering them with a variety of evaluations and supporting them in making buying selections.

This article is for you if you have a WordPress website and are seeking for some reliable reviews plugins for WordPress that will help you promote customer reviews. We’ve picked a few consumer reviews plugins for your convenience, allowing you to include consumer reviews on WordPress and assisting you in accomplishing your goals.

Best WordPress Review Plugins with the Highest Ratings in 2022

WordPress is a well-known website-building platform. The platform’s easy-to-use interface and different plugins are one of the reasons for its fast popularity. WordPress plugins are notable for ̧improving the functionality and aesthetics of a website.

Out of all of these plugins, these are the three most reliable and highly rated reviews plugins for WordPress. These plugins allow you to include user reviews on your WordPress website and are presently the best-rated in the plugin shop. You can easily locate them, and because they are simple to use, you may use them without difficulty.


1. Google Customer Reviews Plugin By Tagembed

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  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Gmail

Tagembed is a prominent social media aggregator tool that specializes in making it simple to embed social media feeds on a website. It allows users to join 20+ social networking networks, provides a variety of useful features, and is well-known for delivering desired outcomes. Its WordPress plugin has the same charm.

Tagembed’s WordPress plugin is an outstanding plugin that supports you in gathering reviews from multiple platforms, curating and customizing them, and presenting them nicely on your website.

The plugin simplifies the embedding procedure and allows you to proudly display your favorable ratings. The plugin includes a variety of widgets, ranging from a Google review widget to a Yelp review widget.

Significant Features of the Tagembed Customer Review Plugin –

  • Customization — The customization function allows users to modify the widget according to their needs. To make it more beautiful and pleasing to the eye, users may alter the font style, font size, widget background color, and more.
  • Responsive Widget — The plugin’s widgets adjust themselves to the size of the screen, so you don’t have to alter your display settings for different devices.
  • Layouts and templates – the plugin also comes with a number of different themes and layouts to help you show your reviews in a more orderly and appealing way.
  • Custom CSS, CTAs, statistics, and many more additional features.
  • Auto-updates — As soon as someone adds new content to the source, the widget automatically displays it.


2. Rich Reviews By Starfish

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  • Gmail

Rich review is a powerful plugin that allows you to simply record and display reviews, ratings, and opinions about your brand and product on your website.

We can all agree that consumer and brand evaluations, testimonials, and feedback are extremely important. As a result, user reviews are becoming a critical component of a company’s, product, or service’s success. You can quickly include customer reviews on your WordPress website with the aid of Rich reviews by Starfish, and help your company establish consumer trust.

The plugin makes the embedding procedure simple and time-saving, and they come with a variety of features that make this plugin even more valuable. The following are some of its most notable features.

Significant Features of Rich Reviews By Starfish –

  • Compatibility with all WordPress themes – WordPress gives its customers a variety of themes to help them enhance their websites. The rich review plugin works with all major themes, making it extremely convenient to use.
  • Moderation feature — This plugin, like the other described above, has a moderation feature. Users can utilize the moderation option to remove reviews that they believe are improper or mislead their clientele. As a result, you have complete control over which reviews appear on your website.
  • Lightweight – The plugin displays reviews on the website without slowing down the site’s speed or performance. As a result, your visitors will have no problem reading the reviews.


3. Widget for Google Reviews By

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  • Gmail

It’s impossible to discuss customer reviews without including Google reviews. After all, it is the internet’s most reputable review platform. Furthermore, before making a purchasing choice, most consumers like to check Google reviews, which is where this plugin comes in.’s Widget for Google Reviews is a terrific WordPress plugin that installs the Google review widget on your site, allowing you to present Google reviews in style. These, like the other plugins, have some fantastic characteristics that contribute to the plugin’s inclusion on this list.

Significant Features of The Plugin –

  • Variety of widget styles – the plugin comes with a number of layouts to help you exhibit reviews in a professional manner.
  • Effortless loading – the widget loads the reviews without any technical glitches.
  • Compatible with shortcodes — The Google Reviews Widget is shortcode compatible, making the embedding procedure quick and straightforward.

Calling It A Wrap!

That’s all there is to it; here is a list of the top three customer review WordPress plugins for embedding reviews on your website.

Here is a fun fact that should not be ignored – More than 80% of customers trust online reviews as much as they have faith in the personal recommendation from a friend or a near one!

This statistic speaks volumes about how online reviews can be a blessing for brands and marketers.

After all, what’s the purpose of gathering reviews if you’re not going to reveal them to your customers? So now the game is in your hands; try these plugins now, display the review, and easily gain the trust of your customers.



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