Top Seasonal Occasions Worth Having a Marketing Budget

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Businesses, regardless of size or industry, have to spend money to stay relevant and to make money. Since running promotions or campaigns across different platforms is vital in achieving these goals, a considerable portion of their budget is usually spent on marketing. In fact, according to a Gartner Research Study, companies use around 12% of their annual revenue on marketing.

It’s true that holidays and seasonal events present huge opportunities for any business’ growth. This is why allocating a marketing budget for these periods would be a great idea.  So whether you’re thinking of online or offline marketing, make sure you have a budget for these top seasonal occasions:

Thanksgiving and Christmas

Consumers are most likely to shop and spend more money from November and December, as it’s the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Black Friday and Cyber Monday happen during these months too, with lots of enticing deals up for grabs. Therefore, this period is an excellent time for you to increase your marketing efforts. Launch new online campaigns as more consumers are inclined to shop online for gifts.

New Year’s Day

Promoting your brand at the start of the new year will do wonders for your business. Use this time to come up with fresh and creative marketing campaigns through email, social media, traditional advertising, and other channels. You can also capitalize on your target market’s New Year’s goals and resolutions. By creating promos, offers, and even content that can help your customers one way or another, you’ll have better chances of expanding your reach and improving your sales.

Mother’s and Father’s Day

Shopping and spending during Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is a huge thing. Consumers just naturally want to show the moms and dads in their lives how much they love them by giving them gifts. And with the enormous list of gift ideas for these seasonal occasions, there are also various marketing ideas, especially for ecommerce, that you might want to consider. Better check your budget and start planning now.

Valentine’s Day

The season of love also offers a great opportunity for your business to increase your conversion rates and sales. A PwC study revealed that consumers plan to shell out more money on Valentine’s Day. Why not allocate funds for this occasion and send out love emails, run Valentine’s social media posts, or start a “two-for-one deal” promo?

Sports Season

Avid sports fans can be big spenders too! Based on a survey, Americans spent $56 billion in 2016 at sporting events. Whether it’s football, basketball, tennis, or any other sport, your business will benefit from running a marketing campaign during sports seasons.

Awareness Events

Linking your brand to different national and international awareness days or events is also a great idea. Perhaps you can show that you’re one with the world in celebrating International Women’s Day or World Cancer Awareness Day by investing in content marketing, using hashtags, and boosting your social media posts.

Seasonal occasions have a positive impact on businesses. It is therefore important that you take note of these periods as you work on your marketing plans. Be sure to allot a budget during the holidays and events we mentioned so you can better promote your business and have greater chances of growing.

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