Social media has revolutionized the way we get information about the world. It evolved from being a means to connect and communicate to being a source of news, entertainment, and brand advertising. Marketers are capitalizing on the 2.3 billion active social media users to leverage their businesses. In fact, 91% of retail brands use two or more social media channels.

As a conclusion to our Video Marketing Basics series, we will show you how you can leverage video content on two of today’s most popular social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook.


Soon after Vine exploded into popularity and made its way into mainstream social media, Instagram was quick to incorporate video uploading in their app. Launched in June 2013, Instagram allows users to upload 3 to 60-second long videos with their signature filters. It works just like uploading a photo on the app, hence the lack of ads as well. A study found that of the 1,000 most shared Instagram videos, 40% of them were from brands.

What can you upload on Instagram?

When it comes to copyright material, Instagram isn’t so quick to take them down, but they will if a copyright claim report has been filed against your content. What they are quick to take down, however, are content with nudity, even partial child nudity, and any post that promotes illegal acts.

Why choose Instagram?

Instagram’s features include followers, likes, explore, and direct message. They also incorporated the use of hashtags, and more recently, hashtag emoji.

Your video content can be seen by anyone on Instagram. Your followers can watch your videos on their feeds while others can find it by searching for the attached hashtags. They will also appear in your profile grid and gives new visitors the chance the view your videos long after it has been uploaded.

A desktop site is available but only for viewing, liking, and following. You can only upload photo and video content through their app that is available for AndroidiOS, and Windows Phone.

Instagram Stories

After the success of Snapchat, Instagram was once again quick to jump on the bandwagon and introduced Instagram Stories.

What can you upload on Instagram Stories?

Just like Snapchat, users can create and edit photos and videos which they save in their 24-hour collection of content or Story. The newest feature allows users to share as much content as they want without worrying about over-posting.

Why choose Instagram Stories?

The photos and videos that you share in your Story won’t appear in your profile grid or on the feeds of your followers aside from your icon floating at the top of the feed. Instagram Stories is a great way to share multiple videos without spamming your followers’ feeds. However, unlike Instagram videos, only your followers will be able to see your Stories.

Facebook Video

It’s really no surprise that Facebook has a feature that lets you upload videos to share with friends and connections. Everyone is on Facebook—friends, family, friends, government offices, and brands! Marketers have tapped into the popularity of Facebook and use social video marketing to promote their business. In fact, there are 75% more videos on Facebook than last year.

What can you upload on Facebook?

Facebook allows most formats to be uploaded but they suggest using the MP4 format for better and higher quality. There is a file size limit of 4GB and a two-hour video duration limit.

The great thing about Facebook is that there are also no ads that interrupt your audience’s viewing of your videos. However, they are strict about content and screen your videos for copyright infringement before finally posting it on your page. There are also times when they take down videos without notifying the uploader.

Why choose Facebook?

Facebook also integrates their usual features for video such as reactions, shares, and comments from other users. You can access it anywhere, too!

The social media giant also has a new setting that allows videos automatically play on mute. Many brands have taken advantage of this feature by adding subtitles to their videos so that users can watch without having to turn on the audio.

They have a desktop and mobile website that does well in showing videos as well as apps that are available for AndroidiOS, and Windows Phone.

Social media has become a fundamental part of marketing. A strong online presence not only connects you to your customers and prospects but also helps increase your brand’s exposure and authority. Video marketing is a powerful tool that businesses need to embrace. With the right platform, you can tap into a gigantic pool of unique users!

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