Video Marketing Basics: A Look into YouTube and Vimeo

Video marketing has changed the way businesses create multimedia content. From boring infomercials and sales gimmicks, brand have shifted to creative and engaging videos. In a survey of over 600 marketing professionals, 93% of them used video for marketing and communications.

Today we’re starting a new series that will look at the different video sharing channels you can leverage for your business. We’ll breakdown the most popular networks, kicking off the series with YouTube and Vimeo, to help you decide which one will be best for your business.


Online video has become synonymous to YouTube. Owned by Google, YouTube is the leading video distribution platform. In fact, it’s the second largest search engine following Google. Its robust features alone warrant its position at the top.

What can you upload on YouTube?

YouTube supports various file types, making it easy for you to upload your videos. It also offers a large file upload size of 20GB and an 11-hour video duration limit. YouTube is known for running advertisements before a video plays. So there is a chance that another business’ ad will play before your video does.

They are also strict when it comes to intellectual property. Often times, they notify users of the copyright infringement that they could be committing and if they’re a repeating infringer, YouTube takes down the account and all their videos for good.

Why choose YouTube?

YouTube hosts a broad variety of videos with most of them for the purpose of entertaining and teaching. Video content such as how-to, fun facts, and life hacks can have the widest exposure on YouTube.

The video-sharing platform also has features like allowing other users to subscribe to your channel, like and share your video, leave comments, add them to their playlists, and messaging with other users.

The great thing about YouTube is that your account is connected to your Google account. No more signing up! Since Google owns YouTube, there is a higher chance for your video to appear in search results. They have both the desktop and mobile sites as well as apps for Android and iOS.


Specially catered to artists and filmmakers, Vimeo is home to the highest qualities of videos. Mainly it is a platform for creativity and inspiration for both the creators and their audiences.

What can you upload on Vimeo?

Most coded formats are supported on Vimeo, but they recommend uploading in H.264 for higher quality uploads. Unlike YouTube, which has only free accounts, Vimeo has several account options—basic, Plus, and PRO. This is how Vimeo makes money considering that they’re ad-free on videos.

There are limits to video uploads on Vimeo. The basic account has a weekly upload limit of 500MB, Vimeo Plus has 5GB, and Vimeo PRO has 20GB. Duration isn’t a question for as long as the video fits within the weekly quota of uploads. Vimeo takes down videos that have copyright claim and infringed material.

Why choose Vimeo?

Features on Vimeo include Vimeo on Demand, groups, forums, follow, viewing statistics, and more. They also have a “tip jar” to help artists raise money for their projects and help them make money from their uploaded videos with the Pay to View feature. Unlike YouTube, the embedded players of Vimeo videos are customizable.

Unlike YouTube, Vimeo is designed to cater to artists and film enthusiasts. However, that’s not to say that you can’t leverage it for your business. If you’d like to personalize your embedded players for your site, you can! You viewers might also enjoy viewing your video content without those pesky ads!

Vimeo is available on desktop and mobile sites with apps for Android and iOS.

With these great platforms, you can experience the outstanding benefits of video marketing. Don’t let the competition get ahead of you! Remember that when choosing a platform to host your business’ videos, consider the goal of your campaign, your budget, and your brand. Video marketing offers a significantly better value while giving you far more effective ways of reaching out to people.

What video-sharing platform are you currently using? Tell us about them in the comments! You can also sign up for our free five-hour trial!

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