Ways to Effectively Communicate with your Virtual Team

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Communication is essential in building good relationships with your employees or contractors. It could be bit challenging, though, for employers or business owners who are managing remote workers or a virtual team. You don’t share and work in a physical office and you don’t see each other in person.

Fortunately, there are ways for you to effectively communicate with your virtual team and establish a good relationship with them. Here are some of them:

Use Different Channels

Technology plays a big and important role in today’s businesses, especially for those that operate virtually. You can connect to your team electronically and send messages in multiple ways. Regular correspondence, particularly related to work, can be done via email. You can keep them in the loop by using various internal communications tools. For more immediate communication, you’ll find instant messaging apps like Skype or Facebook messenger very useful. The whole team can even access and use these apps through their smartphones, which makes mobile a great communication channel too!

Remember to observe email, chat, and phone etiquette. Make sure that you are able to convey the right messages and express the right emotions to avoid miscommunication or conflicts.

Set Regular Meetings

Always keep your team informed and develop your relationship with them by setting regular meetings. You can hold video calls or conferences using different communication technologies. If possible, you can also set a meeting in your physical office, a co-working space, restaurant, or café. This also gives everyone the opportunity to meet the other team members in person and talk about work and anything under the sun.

Engage in Small Talks

Communicating with your team doesn’t always have to involve work-related matters. If you wish to improve your relationship with them and better manage them, it’s best if you also engage in small or informal talks. This is one great way of getting to know your virtual team. Try talking to them about their family and hobbies, as well as sports, entertainment, and politics.

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