Website Conversion Killers You Need to Avoid

Websites have become the virtual extension of a brand. It’s your 24/7 billboard where people can view your products, know more about your company, and get something valuable out of it. A lot of users may visit your site but it may not necessarily translate to a conversion.

A conversion is an action you want your customers to make. This can be an email opt-in, newsletter subscription, ebook download, or a purchase. Usually, it will take more than just browsing for your visitors to convert. They should be impressed by your content for them to stay longer and take action. A recent report by Econsultancy, showed that 59% of companies surveyed confirmed that conversion rate optimization (CRO) is vital to their overall digital marketing strategy. However, only 28% of the respondents are satisfied with their conversion rates.

This is because there’s such a thing as “conversion killers.” These repellents drive users away from your site. We barely have internet newbies these days so you can expect that your visitors have been to better websites and can determine at a glance if your site is worth their time. Your customers should have a good experience if they are simply browsing online. Here are some conversion killers you should avoid.

Cluttered landing page. Having too many elements on your homepage can be off-putting. You don’t need to showcase everything in one page. That’s the reason why you have multiple tabs and pages. Keep it clean and simple. You can still be creative even if you’re not using the entire color wheel. The important thing is for the text to be readable but not loud, the graphics to be attractive but not glaring, and the overall layout to be free flowing but not cluttered.

Difficult searching. Some customers want to find instantly what they’re looking for. They don’t have the time to browse through all your products. If you don’t have a search button where visitors can see easily, you’re already losing lots of potentials customers. Make things easy for them by providing a prominent search button and a powerful search algorithm that accurately matches what they’re looking for. This is the shortcut that customers need and the fastest way to know what they want.

Inconsistent keywords. Most of your site visitors are directed to your site through specific keywords. Make sure that the keywords you use for SEO will land them to the page you want them to see. Using inconsistent keywords just to increase traffic will cause frustration on the part of the customer and give a bad reputation on your part. They need to reach your site because you have what they asked for and not because they were sent by accident.

Complicated process. If you want your customers to sign up for your newsletter, then say it loud and proud. If you want them to download your free ebook, then shamelessly promote it. If you want them to purchase your products then put “Add to Cart” in the most strategic location. Bottom line, make it easy for them every step of the way. Avoid asking too many things from your customers. It not only lengthens the process but also irritates the consumer who was hoping for a fast transaction by buying online.   

Lip service. A lot of websites fall into the trap of saying that they’re there to help. The truth is, when you browse their site there’s nothing but brand and product promotion. You’re being asked to break your wallet even before you’ve actually explored the site. It’s lip service like this that will kill your site. You need to provide valuable content such as blogs, videos, and other information that will help your customers even if they’re not yet buying anything.

Avoiding these conversion killers will result in satisfied online customers. Even if they don’t convert initially, the fact that you have given them a good browsing experience will give you the edge over other sites. Even if you don’t see your customers face to face, you should prioritize what they need even on a virtual scale. Everything in your site should be easy to view, read, and load. Start looking at your website and see if these conversion killers are slowly creeping in. Act on it immediately and make sure that your customers are getting quality service once they enter your site.

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