5 Ways QR Codes Can Boost Your Marketing Campaign

QR codes or quick response codes are making marketing efforts more multidimensional than ever before. It is capable of uniting your marketing campaign in one quick scan. It gets even better because this unique two-dimensional matrix can contain any information you want!

If you haven’t seen one, QR codes are often found in magazines and other print media. A study by comScore showed that printed magazine or newspaper comprises nearly 50% of the scans. It is followed by product packaging, website on PC, posters or flyers, business cards or brochures, storefront, and TV. This shows the huge exposure that QR codes provide across multiple marketing platforms.

Before we proceed any further, let’s first take a quick look at some of the basic facts about QR codes:

  • QR codes are scannable or readable by a smartphone.
  • Customers can download free QR code scanner apps.
  • You can create QR codes for free!
  • You can place QR codes anywhere—may it be print or digital collaterals.
  • You can track the activity of your QR codes.

Simply put, everything about QR codes is easy. Not only that, you don’t even need to spend a dime to get this started! Sure there are premium packages for some QR code creators but even those are affordable, too! To motivate you further to jump into the QR code bandwagon, here are five powerful ways it can help you boost your marketing campaign.

1. Increased social media activity. In our years of doing social media management, we have seen how social media can boost our clients’ businesses. With the QR codes taking the marketing arena by storm, you will definitely see spikes in your social media activity once you start using it. Your QR codes can direct the user to your social media accounts and websites. You can even choose the specific landing page you want them to see! It doesn’t have to be your About page all the time, you can lead them to your latest Instagram photo or Facebook post.

2. Integrate outbound and inbound marketing efforts. Traditional advertising will remain a strong marketing platform but it is not the only option anymore. QR codes can make your print ads and posters more dynamic by linking them to your inbound marketing campaigns. You bring them to places where you want to be found like your website, blog, and social media accounts. Just make sure that the page loads easily. Otherwise, you will lose your customer’s interest. You can also add QR codes on TV ads! A study by Accenture showed that among 1,000 television viewers, 28% interacted more with QR codes compared to 18% via Twitter hashtag.

3. Impress your clients. How? By putting QR codes on your business cards so that it’s easy for them to save your contact details. If you are conducting a product presentation or a seminar, place QR codes on the folders you distributed or on their ID badge and inform them that they can download your presentation by simply scanning that QR code. It will also show that you are tech-savvy, professional, and downright cool.

4. Instill brand awareness. QR codes can contain any form of content may it be an HTML, text, photo, video, or infographic—you can incorporate anything in that 1 x 1 code. Having said that, you can promote your products and your brand using a QR code. You can even make your QR code multi-colored to make it more unique to your brand! Just make sure that the colors have high contrast to avoid scanning problems.

5. Intensify consumer participation. Ever had a promo that only a handful joined? You can now avoid that by using QR codes. Scanning is a lot easier than writing on a raffle stub. Mountain dew and Taco Bell had a promo wherein customers can get a free music download if they buy a large drink. The cups contain the QR code and this promo surprisingly generated more than 200,000 downloads. Tesco took it a notch higher by creating life-sized supermarket digital shelves with QR codes in subways in Korea so that customers can scan the items they need, pay for them, and have them delivered at home.

There are more creative ways you can leverage QR codes for your business. Make it enticing by adding compelling one-liners that will prompt consumers to scan. You can say something like, “Scan me and get 20% discount on your next visit!” or “Scan and get a chance to win exciting trips abroad!” or “You’re in for a big surprise!” Remember that customers may overlook your QR code. The best way to avoid it is by adding taglines that will grab their attention.

The most important thing you need to remember is that your QR code should lead to something worthwhile. Remember that it still takes effort to take out one’s smartphone and scan the code. If the page won’t load or it contains misleading information then your marketing strategy will backfire. The QR code is a great tool that can do great things when used effectively. It makes marketing faster and easier without the cost proportionate to the exposure it gives.

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    Were a bunch of volunteers and also beginning a brand new program in this neighborhood. Your blog provided us beneficial facts to help works of art with. You’ve performed an amazing practice and also our own complete collection will most likely be thankful to you personally.

  2. Christine

    It’s true how QR codes can attract consumers. QR codes are instantly eye-catching aside from their appearance, because you would be curious as to what they would contain when you scan them! As a customer, I usually get excited in scanning QR codes because of the perks I can possibly get. But what I like most about QR codes is that companies who engage their target market in activities such as these are even more interesting to keep an eye on, as they have surprises under their sleeve. 🙂

    • Pepper

      Thank you for the great insights, Christine! 🙂 QR codes are great marketing tools, indeed! Hope you continue visiting our blog! 🙂



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