5 Advantages of Working with Filipino Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistance is now a popular and effective business solution for more forward-thinking and strategic business owners worldwide. But as the global virtual assistant industry grows, it also becomes more competitive. Finding your ideal virtual assistant (VA) could be a bit challenging. If this is a concern for you, perhaps you should narrow your search and focus on Filipino virtual assistants.

According to the Tholons Services Globalization Index 2018 report, five Philippine cities, including Manila and Davao, are among the world’s top “100 Super Cities” or outsourcing destinations. This is one proof that Filipinos make great outsourced workers, virtual assistants included. To help you with your VA hiring decision, take a look at these five advantages of working with Filipino VAs:

1. Experience

A lot of Filipino professionals have experience working remotely or with an offshore team or client. It is possible that your Filipino VA has handled foreign clients before and provided them with the services similar to your needs. She understands that she may be required to work night shifts, meet important deadlines, and others. But because she already knows the drill, onboarding is easier. You can start working smoothly together as soon as possible.

2. English Proficiency

Various researches and statistics have shown that the Philippines has one of the highest literacy rates. For Filipinos, the ability to read and write is a priority and education is important. Furthermore, Filipinos are proficient in English. In fact, the EF English Proficiency Index ranked the Philippines number 14 globally (out of 88 countries) and number 2 in Asia (out of 21 countries).

Pepper virtual assistants, in particular, are college graduates who are fluent in English with neutral accent. With these excellent skills, you can communicate effectively and establish a good relationship easily.

3. Traits

Aside from skills, the characteristics of the people you work with are also important. Filipino virtual assistants possess traits that make them great employees! They are hardworking, flexible, and resilient. They follow instructions well and have good attention to detail.

Filipinos also value good relationships and are loyal especially to employers that recognize, appreciate, value them. They are also an optimistic bunch. They maintain a positive outlook despite failures and tragedies. With a Filipino VA on your team, you can be sure that you work with someone who sees the brighter side of things.

4. Digital Savviness

Technology continues to transform today’s global business landscape. Companies in the Philippines are also already embracing a digital-ready workplace culture. This shows that Filipinos are a digitally-skilled workforce. If you hire a Filipino VA, you can expect that she has the tech knowledge, training, and tools, as well as the willingness to learn as necessary to get the job done. With technology, you can communicate effectively and work efficiently with your Filipino VA.

5. Affordable Rates

Saving money by reducing overhead expenses is one of the key benefits of working with virtual assistants. You can achieve that if you hire a Filipino VA! Although the rates vary per virtual assistance company or freelancer, they generally charge for a price small business or startup owners can afford. With the exceptional skills and service that they can offer, you’ll certainly get the value for your money.

Filipinos have what it takes to be an excellent virtual assistant! Having them on your team is a great advantage. Should you decide to get one soon, it’s best to look at VA firms first. With the extensive VA training they provide and supervisors who oversee tasks, you can expect high-quality output from them. You’ll have a talented and reliable virtual staff who can help you grow your business.

Our virtual assistants can help you grow your business. Contact us to find out how we can work together!

Pepper Virtual Assistants is a business solutions firm that specializes in virtual administrative and personal assistance, online marketing, customer support, and copywriting. We are known for reliability through our managed services, responsive client handling backed by extensive training, and rockstar virtual assistants hired for their skills and expertise.




  1. Katrin Kay S. Lausa

    Indeed Filipino VA excels for having this 5 advantages. Knowing that Filipinos are in demand nowadays working remotely with clients in different countries due to our traits, working with passion. Surely working with I pepper VA’s would deliver competent work to the clients.

  2. Hazel Mae Talaboc

    I totally agree with this. Filipinos are a great Virtual Assistants to work with. Thank you for promoting Filipino workers to work as Virtual Assistant. It is with great pride that I was able to read with this kind of article that are promoting the beneficial of working with Filipino Virtual Assistant.


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