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Facebook continues to become an essential platform for businesses of all sizes and industries. As the social media landscape evolves and consumer behavior changes, this top social media site also implements necessary changes. It’s important that you keep tabs on Facebook updates so you can make the most of your entire social media marketing plan.

In the past few months, Facebook has released several great updates you should take note of when planning your strategies for the rest of the year. Here are some of them:

Video Creation Kit

Video content can now be considered as the best tool that you can use to promote your brand. With Facebook’s new Video Creation Kit, it’s easier for you to turn your existing photo and image assets into mobile-friendly video ads. The more you use this feature, the more videos your audience can consume. This supports studies revealing that videos will likely comprise over 75% of the world’s mobile data traffic by 2020.

Messenger Dark Mode and Delete Features

According to research, brands and consumers exchange 8 billion messages on Facebook messenger every month. If you use messenger as a tool to communicate with your current and potential customers, then it pays to be aware of messenger’s Dark Mode feature. If you want a new interface or view and promote interaction, then you might want to try this feature. You can now also delete a sent message using Facebook messenger’s new deletion feature. Just choose the “Remove for You” or the “Remove for Everyone” button.

Stories, Augmented Reality, and Playable Ads

Create new experiences for your viewers or followers and boost interaction through these ads updates from Facebook. With Stories ads, you can share your Instagram stories on your Facebook account and reach more people across both platforms. The Augmented Reality (AR) ad feature allows you to promote your products and enables your users to experience or try them using the ads’ AR capabilities. Meanwhile, Playable ads is another interactive feature that gives users the opportunity to try an app before buying.

New Group Features and Tools

Aside from having a Facebook page, you can also create a paid subscription group to further connect with your target market. In case you don’t know yet, Facebook has expanded the subscription group feature, implemented new guidelines for adding group members, and updated group management tools. You can optimize this feature, monetize your Facebook account, and build good relationships with your audience by offering courses and other members-only content.

From Page Reviews to Recommendations

Facebook also rolled out updates for pages, which make it better for businesses like yours to establish your reputation and build trust. Page Reviews have now been replaced with Recommendations. Instead of the simple yes or no and star rating, your previous customers can give their feedback about your brand and even include photos and tags. This way, your new visitors and other prospects will know what they can expect and experience when they do business with you.

Ad Metrics

It’s important that you determine and measure your Facebook ad campaign’s relevance score so you’ll determine how effective it is. Thus, you should be familiar with Facebook’s three new ad relevance diagnostics metrics, namely quality ranking, engagement rate ranking, and conversion rate ranking. By using these tools, you can have better and more successful Facebook ad campaigns.

These are just some of the Facebook updates that you can utilize to boost your brand on Facebook. With the help of your reliable virtual assistant, you can keep up with such changes. Stay up to date to stay competitive and increase your business success!

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