5 Biggest Content Marketing Trends for 2019

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Content marketing is now regarded as the most vital and powerful online marketing strategy. As a business owner or marketer, you need to constantly create, publish, and share content to promote your brand. But to make the most of your content creation and distribution plan, it’s important that you stay abreast of the latest and biggest content marketing trends.

According to research by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, 93% of the most successful content marketers say that they are extremely committed to content marketing. You can also achieve your desired results and increase your chances of success! Show your commitment to content marketing by identifying and following the top trends for this year. Here are five of them:

1. Personalization

Personally-relevant content is a top trend you should watch for and prioritize. Researches show that personalized content positively influences how most customers feel about a brand. To successfully deliver personalized content, you should reach out to your customers. Ask them what they need, the right time and way to approach them, and about their experiences with your brand. A skilled virtual assistant can help you do this.

Through content personalization, you can encourage interactivity and improve engagement. Ultimately, these lead to increased online visibility, which is good for your business.

2. Use of New Technology (Artificial Intelligence and Voice Search)

The artificial intelligence (AI) technology is continuously booming and more businesses are taking advantage! Consider integrating AI into your content marketing plan. Because this technology has the power to gather and interpret big data in a few seconds, it will be easier for you to discover your target market’s interests and preferences. This way, you can build more effective content – the types that your market wants to see.

Voice search is also on the rise, so it’s best if you develop content that adapts to natural language search. Instead of focusing on keywords that a person would likely type on a device, think about the words he will use or how he might speak when asking questions.

3. Collaboration with Influencers and Other Brands

Boost the power of your content marketing strategy by collaborating with influencers and other brands. If you’ve used influencer marketing before, there’s a new influencer collaboration technique and content marketing trend that you should pay attention to now. Instead of convincing an influencer to promote your products or services on her own channel, have her create content for your own channels or networks!

It’s also a brilliant idea to create collaborative content with other brands. You can do this in various ways, such as podcast interviews, research or case studies, and ebooks. This trend will not only help boost your followers and traffic but also your credibility.

4. Short-form Video

Statistics reveal that more than 50% of consumers want to see more video content from the brands they support. This is your chance to capitalize on the short-form video trend to reach out to your customers and promote your brand. Bite-sized videos, like Instagram and Facebook stories, or videos that are less than two minutes in length are highly engaging and are considered a top performing content format.

5. Omnichannel Strategy

It’s best if you use the omnichannel approach in your content marketing plan this year. Develop content that your customers can access on multiple channels or platforms. Provide them with a seamless experience by making your content available and easy to view regardless of the device they use. Optimize this trend and strategy to increase customer retention, sales, and profits!

Content will always be king in the world of online marketing. Consider implementing the trends we mentioned to strengthen your content marketing plan and shape the success of your business this year.

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