5 Ways Virtual Assistants Can KonMari Your Life

Life as a business owner is as exciting and fulfilling as it is hectic, stressful, and challenging. You can easily get overwhelmed by your business to-do lists. To avoid burnout and to stay productive, you need to tidy up and get organized.

If popular organization expert, Marie Kondo, has helped you tidy up your home and personal belongings, you can also tidy up your life as a business owner. You can apply the KonMari method and virtual assistants (VAs) can make that happen! These reliable professionals are equipped with the skills and tools to help you tackle your business tasks, much like how you organize your clothes, books, papers, komono, and sentimental items.

Get rid of junk, delegate, and keep only the things that spark joy (and drive business growth). Here are five ways virtual assistants can KonMari your life:

1. Manage Emails

Email is one of the primary tools that you use to communicate with your staff, reach out to your customers, and get business-related information and resources. According to statistics, business and consumer emails sent and received daily are expected to exceed 293 billion this year.

Receiving hundreds of emails every day can be overwhelming. Your inbox needs tidying up, and virtual assistants can help you do that! You can ask your VA to categorize important emails, delete spam, and manage your subscriptions. She can also use an email management software to declutter your email, so you’ll have a less stressful life.

2. Sort Database

It’s also important that you keep your customers or clients’ database in order. Declutter and arrange your contact and email lists with the help of a virtual assistant. She can use a customer relationship management software to sort out your existing and loyal clients, the new ones, and those that won’t turn into real clients. By doing this, you’ll not only be more organized. You’ll also achieve work efficiency, stronger relationship with customers, and increased sales.

3. Fix Schedule

A typical day for a busy business owner like you is usually packed with meetings, project coordination, and personal responsibilities. A messy schedule can easily make you feel swamped and stressed out. But with a virtual assistant on your team, you can worry less and live more! She can help you KonMari your calendar. This way, you’ll know the tasks and activities you need to prioritize and the ones that you can delegate and postpone or let go.

4. Organize Content

You need to constantly create content and publish them on different platforms to promote your brand and stay relevant and competitive. This task may be a bit challenging, but you can rely on your VA to handle content creation and organization for you.

She can help you create a content calendar, write blog and social media posts, and schedule and publish your content using content or project management systems. Your VA can also help you boost your online presence by tidying up your website and social media pages. With her help, you’ll have an organized strategy that allows you to share the types of content that your target market wants to see.

5. Bookkeeping

Business finances can also be overwhelming, but you need to be on top of it all the time. To stay organized, you can seek help from finance and accounting staffing services. You can entrust her with less crucial tasks, such as recording your daily financial transactions and processing invoices. This way, you’ll be able to cross out a few things on your financial to-do-lists and check more things off your bucket list.

These are just five of the many ways that show how virtual assistants can help you adapt the KonMari lifestyle. Try “Tidying up with Pepper Virtual Assistants” to organize your life and grow your business!

Our virtual assistants can help KonMari your life! Contact us to find out how we can work together!

Pepper Virtual Assistants is a business solutions firm that specializes in virtual administrative and personal assistance, online marketing, customer support, and copywriting. We are known for reliability through our managed services, responsive client handling backed by extensive training, and rockstar virtual assistants hired for their skills and expertise.



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