5 Qualities Employers Look For In An Employee

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Hiring the right employee is one of the biggest priorities and concerns of employers or business owners like you. In today’s competitive talent marketplace, there sure are many professionals with an impressive skills set and work experience. But aside from educational and professional background, assessing the qualities of an employee is also vital.

Even successful companies like Google, L’Oreal, and Penguin Random House prioritize EQ or emotional intelligence over IQ so they also hire individuals without a college degree. Whether you’re hiring or evaluating a current employee, considering if they possess certain traits will help you make your decision. These are five of the top qualities you should look for in an employee.

Willing and Happy to Learn New Things

As your business evolves, there is often a need to search for new information and implement new strategies of doing things. Employees who are eager to learn new skills and knowledge and are willing and happy to share them with others are an asset to your company. Those who can humbly say that they don’t know everything but wish to know more are better than the know-it-alls.

Willingness to learn new skills can also mean interest in professional advancement. An employee development statistics show that 68% of workers think that training and development is an important company policy. And if your employee gives importance to career growth and reaching his full potential, then you can say that you have a good member on your team.

Able to Work Harmoniously and Collaboratively With Co-workers

A good employee is someone who can not only work well independently, but can also collaborate effectively with others. The success of many companies can be attributed to teamwork. Technology company W.L. Gore & Associates is a good example of a company that uses teamwork for increased innovation. In this company, there is no leadership hierarchy. It implements a teamwork-based corporate structure.

Do your employees get along well with each other? Do they work productively together? If yes, then you’re fortunate to have good employees.

Has Strong Work Ethic

According to a study conducted by CareerBuilder and Harris Poll, 73% of respondents like to work with employees with strong work ethic. You’d agree with that, right? An employee who is determined, persistent, flexible, and dependable is definitely great to have in your company. Even if you give him challenging goals, he will move forward despite failures and obstacles and work hard to achieve those goals.

Honest and Trustworthy

Everybody hates a liar. And for sure, only honest employees have a place in your company. In a study conducted by Fierce, Inc., 99% of the executives and employees surveyed say that they want to work in a company where workers discuss issues truthfully.

If an employee can give you accurate information regarding work or your business and he can show you his true personality, then you can rest easy. You have an employee that you can trust to support you as you run and grow your business.

Upbeat Personality and Positive Attitude

A positive attitude offers a lot of benefits for an employee, you as the employer/boss, and the entire workplace. Positivity creates a good environment, which consequently leads to a more productive team and workday. A CareerBuilder survey supports this. It revealed that 77% of employers say that qualities such as positive attitude is important to perform a job function.

One good quality to look for in an employee is the ability to deal with tough situations in a positive way. Employees with a cheerful or upbeat personality bring good vibes, so they naturally stand out and earn a positive reputation.

It’s good to have intelligent and skillful employees. But your company will benefit more from employees who have outstanding qualities. If your team members possess the traits we mentioned above, then you can be sure that you’re headed in the right direction. You have good employees who can help your business succeed.

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  1. steffy.priete@gmail.com

    Now a days hiring personnel in different types of business industries, the qualification for application should not only be based on educational background it should be also in their previous job preferences and the good character,attitude and love to do the job well.

  2. Mae

    This is a good article! Indeed, everyone needs an honest and positive employer. Such a timely reminder of what I am going through right now for example, having to develop our outstanding skills. This is a big help for job seekers such as myself.

    Thank you Pepper VA!



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