9 Greatest Challenges the Virtual Marketing Teams are Facing Now

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Running a remote workforce can be a huge problem for most teams, especially ones involved with marketing. You need to time everything according to multiple data sources to catch the attention of the target audience.

In that environment, missing a deadline can be detrimental or anything less than high-quality work has the potential of curbing all efforts invested in the overall marketing plan.

Although that is true, having a virtual marketing team can help in increasing business flexibility and adaptability. To help you avoid those problems, it is important to determine the challenges ahead, here are the 9 most common ones and how they can be avoided:

Distress amongst employees

Remote employees are people just like any other person and face the same amount of adversities as others. They are not immune to chronic illness, financial problems, and other issues people face on a day-to-day basis.

To make your virtual marketing team thrive, you should put forth earnest effort into each individual employed by the business. A distressed employee can start being complacent and that will reflect in his work performance.

To avoid this, talk to them casually and try to understand the problems they are facing. If you are equipped to help them out, you’re most welcome to do so and that will keep the team’s morale high.

Lack of marketing tools to employees

A virtual marketing team does not need to be alienated and left to fend for himself for technological tools that will help them thrive at work. Therefore, as a team leader or business owner, ensure that they have the latest software to help them undertake their daily tasks.

That includes video conferencing software and access to the relevant sections pertaining to their work. Setting them up with the right kind of tools that will help them communicate effectively will help maintain optimum work performance.

If they need tools and software that need a monthly subscription, buy licensing for the entire team. You might get a discount they are not eligible to get as individuals. Doing so will ensure that the team has everything they need to get the job done.

Opaque communication

Opaque communication is one of the most common challenges that face virtual marketing teams. It leads to unmet customer expectations that can hinder all marketing efforts.

Marie Winston is a marketing professional for a top FMCG firm. She also works part-time as a writer, where she provides marketing and finance assignment help to corporate professionals who pursue education courses on the side. In her view, it is up to you as the team leader to foster an open and transparent communication spirit at the virtual office. Openly communicate with the entire team about your meeting KPIs and what needs to be done.

Report the changes regarding the industry you are in and the key decisions made by the business. That will give the virtual marketing team an idea about what still needs to be done.

Indirect target market

An international workforce can have obscure marketing goals and center the marketing material to their specific country. The team might end up spreading their resources thin without meeting the precise target audience.

To work around this problem, you should start improving the marketing strategy being implemented and let them know what is expected from them. Communicate about your target market to enable them to structure the marketing plan accordingly.

Constantly touch base whenever the need arises because they might forget and start targeting an international audience. Thus, issue kindly reminders whenever you pick up on this problem so it can be quickly remedied.

Non-engagement of employers

Sometimes the employers can be a problem when they put their team on autopilot and let them figure things out on themselves. That can diminish the team’s morale and they might put their work on autopilot to a certain extent.

They might not be as engaged as they were before and to resolve that issue arrange weekly or biweekly meetings. In the meetings, ensure that the big bosses attend and say a word or two.

Having face-to-face interaction with the responsible individuals that make big decisions can help them see that they are part of something bigger and boost their morale. You can also arrange a one-on-one meeting with key personnel in the business with the virtual team members.

Keep holding various engagement programs online, offer training to upgrade their skills, create a plan to enroll them for education programs, and tie-up with the best paper writing services that can help them with academic assignments. Reputed names include Custom Essay Help and Assignment Help UK, as both have a name for their high-quality academic writing services.

Overall, the plan is to involve them in something more than just their routine work and setting a career path to provide them a sense of security related to their job. Your investments will make them feel that you care and intend to work with them in the long-term.

Unmet expectations

An employee that has just been on-boarded to a business might have unrealistic expectations. Therefore, they might be disappointed when they see that things are not as they imagined it to be. Your virtual marketing team should have a realistic picture of their role and the benefits they might get as time goes on.

Let them know what the business is searching for and let them decide if they would like to continue being on board. That might also include the work hours each individual should spend at work, taking into consideration the chaotic periods.

Also, do not transfigure the company size, its capabilities, and the overall reach it has acquired. Once employees have an overly glorious perception of the business and find out that it is not what was initially advertised, the productivity goes down.

Lack of office culture

Most remote workers can have problems with their productivity because of a lack of proper office ethics and culture. Not knowing when work should start and when the employees can walk their cat or dog can lead to unavailability when they are most needed.

If you would like them to work a straight 9 to 5, let them know and let them adjust their work schedule. When doing so, take into consideration the time zone differences and find a way to work around them. Also, encourage the employees to get a workspace that is dedicated solely to work.

They can even demarcate their workspace when working and let their families know the times of availability for social purposes. The virtual team should also put in a leave application well in advance, just like any other office employee.

Poor organizational structure

Virtual marketing teams can also face diminishing work morale when there is no clear organizational structure. Remote employees should also have a boss to take orders from and to report to any developments or crises. Hence, when assembling a virtual marketing team, assign an individual to run and manage the workflow.

“When that individual is out of the office, assign a deputy that will take over and ensure everything runs smoothly. If your virtual marketing team receives orders from anyone within the company, the company goals might easily be obscured”, says John Baine, the senior marketing manager at best essay writing service UK.

If someone else has recommendations or suggestions, he must run them through the team leader or supervisor. The one responsible for the team will oversee the implementation of any necessary changes or upgrades. That will result in efficient work standards that work towards the goal of improving the marketing plan.

Final thoughts

Virtual teams face certain problems but you can work around them by implementing the suggested improvements. Even in a virtual environment, work on creating a bond between employees and employers to boost morale by making them feel an integral part of the company.

Tiffany Harper is a training guru who’s been working in the corporate sector for over a decade now. She is a management graduate and loves to share her experience through blogs and articles. For her love of writing, she also provides freelance essay writing service and college paper writing services while working for Best Custom Essay. Please do not hesitate to contact her on twitter.




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