5 Ways to Encourage Collaboration Within Your Team

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Any company would want to have a team that works collaboratively and efficiently. However, developing a collaborative working environment where employees rely on individual creativity and productivity can be challenging. As the leader, it is then your duty to encourage collaboration within your team.

Collaboration may be an overused concept and process, yet it is essential for the success of your business. Lead and inspire your team to work together! Here are five ways that can help you do that.

Identify the leaders who will facilitate collaboration

For employees to work harmoniously together, they should be inspired by leaders who can initiate and facilitate collaboration. This is true for online news website ZDNet. The company believes that executives and managers are in major positions to encourage a collaborative work environment.

Strive to be a strong, motivational, and understanding leader who recognizes the strengths and skills of each employee, as well as the importance of teamwork in reaching success. You can also empower your managers or other qualified staff members with relevant information and tools so they can also facilitate collaboration.

Improve the work environment and culture

A positive work environment and culture helps boost employees’ positive emotions. And when they are happy and inspired, productivity increases. According to a research conducted by economists from the University of Warwick, employees work more effectively and collaboratively when they’re happy at work.

Give importance to work-life balance, maintain cleanliness in the office, provide perks, and more to create a positive and inspiring work environment and culture. Your team will be motivated to work individually and together to reach targets and achieve goals. And that can do wonders for your business.

Use various relevant tools

Your employees hold disparate job roles and each of them has a different expertise. To increase their understanding of the various roles and promote collaboration among them, there are tools and methods that you can use. Why not try a business simulation game that encourages your employees to use their skills or expertise to accomplish a common goal?

You can also use a software like SmartDraw to create visuals or mind maps during your meetings. This way, the entire team will have a clear record of what transpired during the meeting for future reference. Many major companies including Coca-cola Beverages and Hewlett-Packard use this award-winning tool. It can be a great tool for your business too!

Enhance employee communication

Good employee communication is one of the most important aspects of any company’s success. It is essential in forming a cohesive team. For Angelica Delmedico of Elev8 Consulting Group and Steven Buchwald of Buchwald & Associates, communication is key in encouraging collaboration among their respective teams.

To achieve this, you should lead by example and show your employees the importance of communication by being transparent, sharing knowledge, giving feedbacks, and engaging in one-on-one formal and casual conversations or interactions. You can also promote the use of mobile communication tools like MangoApps to keep your employees connected on-the-go.

Organize team building activities

Team building activities and office games are not just an excellent way to re-energize your employees, they also help foster good relationships. And once a strong relationship among your employees is built, working collaboratively will be easier and more pleasant for them.

Field trips, regular after-office hang outs, joining sports events together, and group workouts in the office are just some of the team building ideas that could help encourage collaboration. Find one that suits the needs of your team. For Suprex Learning’s Ajmal Saleem, hosting team lunches is his way of helping his team develop closer ties with each other.

It’s important for businesses to have employees that work well together. Follow these practical and valuable tips and you should be well on your way to creating a collaborative team and achieving growth and success!

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