Happy Infographic Friday, everyone! It’s a brand new month and we have a brand new blog series. It’s all about people management. So how do you take care of your employees and keep them happy and motivated? What kinds of perks do they want to receive?

This week, we learned through our blog, How to Motivate Your Team to Work Harder that employees do their best on their jobs if they get adequate salary and benefits. You can also motivate them if you respect and empower them. We also discussed the Top 5 Incentives That Employees Really Want. Better healthcare coverage, bonuses, and good work-life balance are three of the best perks according to employees.

People are the most important resource of any business. And it’s of great importance that employers or entrepreneurs like you find ways to motivate them and offer them the best benefits. Whether it’s in the form of money, vacation, or words of encouragement, make them feel valued so they’ll work hard and reach greatness!

Here’s an infographic summarizing this week’s blogs.

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