5 Things to Consider When Launching Holiday Promotions

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Every year, businesses strive to come up with holiday deals that will attract more consumers and bring them the best outcome. This is why a lot of businesses decide to do their holiday planning early. According to survey, more brands begin planning their holiday campaign between August and September.

As a business owner, it will also benefit you if you start planning this time of the year. You can get your fair share of the sales season and achieve your marketing goals. Consider these five important things when launching holiday promotions:

1. Target Market

It’s important to think about your target market and make them a priority. Determine what platforms they usually use, where they hang out, and how they want to receive your promotional message.

You would want to ensure that your current and prospective customers will love your holiday promotions. Spruce up your website and make it convenient to use. Respond quickly to their inquiry and thank them for their purchase. Make sure you provide them with excellent consumer experience.

2. Personalization

Consumers would want to do business with brands that make them feel special. Consider making your promos or messages to your customers more personal. Their tastes or preferences vary and may change, but always consider what they want and need to make your holiday promotion successful.

This season, tailor your product or service to make your loyal customers happier. Personalization is a powerful and rising marketing strategy. Embrace it to increase customer retention and sales.

3. Content

To make your promo effective, make sure that your content is not only interesting, but also relevant to the holiday. Aside from a catchy copy, it would be best if you also prepare attractive visual content for your marketing materials. Add enticing and creative images and videos in your social media posts, landing pages, and newsletters. These will spark your audience’s curiosity and will likely persuade them to grab your offer.

4. Channels

There are various marketing channels or platforms that you can use to deliver your promotions. You can leverage social media and email or make the most of your online or brick and mortar stores. If you’re going to use social media, which networks will you focus on?

You can also take advantage of all the channels and be an omnichannel brand this year. That’s a good strategy for reaching more customers, increasing engagement, and boosting your sales.

5. Timing

Once you’ve created your content and determined which channels to use, schedule the launch of your promotions. Your overall holiday marketing plan should include the date and time you’re going to release them. Take note of the important dates and make your promos timely.

According to statistics, 35.5% of shoppers like to do their holiday shopping before Thanksgiving. If you’re using social media for promotion, it’s best to take note when there are more active users and then post your promo or campaign during those times and days.

Launching a holiday promotion involves a lot of aspects. Take note of the key things mentioned above so you’ll have a successful marketing campaign this year!

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