Holiday Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

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The holiday season is a big deal for businesses as it offers great opportunities to increase their customer base, sales, and profits. As a business owner, it is your goal to create and implement a strong holiday marketing plan. There may be challenges, but you can avoid committing mistakes that can cost you precious time and money.

This year, make the most of your holiday marketing efforts. Steer clear of these mistakes to get the best results:

Planning and Launching Late

The “Ber” months have started, and the biggest holidays most people love to celebrate are just around the corner. By this time, you must already have your holiday marketing plan in place. Starting late is a mistake that is equivalent to lost opportunities. Plan and launch your holiday campaigns early to be more visible to consumers and to yield significant results.

Redoing the Same Campaign Every Year

Consumers look for excitement, innovation, and freshness in a brand or product/service. They won’t get these things from you and you won’t make them happy if you run the same holiday campaign every year. Even if your campaign worked last year, it would still be best if you come up with something new and more creative. Grab your audience’s attention and entice them with a marketing campaign that introduces fresh content, new logo or website design, or an innovative platform or strategy.

Using Only One Strategy

Nowadays, businesses are fortunate to have multiple channels and options to utilize to promote their products or services. It would be a mistake (and a missed opportunity) if you take advantage of just one marketing strategy. Try to combine email, content, and social media marketing with SEO, mobile, print, and other new online marketing strategies. If done right, these won’t cost you a lot of money, time, and energy.

Forgetting About the Competition

It’s definitely a busy holiday season. Though you may be too focused on your marketing campaigns, it’s a mistake if you totally forget about your competition. It will do your business good if you research and keep an eye on their ads, promos, and other holiday marketing tactics. Do their offers undercut yours? Can you top their holiday bundle deals? Sometimes monitoring the competition can give you more ideas and inspiration to further improve your marketing efforts.

Spamming Customers with Emails

Email marketing is undoubtedly effective. However, take it easy when sending emails to your customers. They would love to hear from you, but flooding them with tons of emails about your holiday promos might turn them off. It can also work wonders for your business if you personalize your email messages and subject lines. Also, make sure that you send a ‘thank you email’ to make your customers feel special and appreciated.

Not Tracking Results

How would you know if your overall holiday marketing plan is successful if you don’t monitor the results? It’s important that you track your progress, analyze your customers’ responses, and review your marketing reports. There are various marketing metrics that you can use to measure the effectiveness of your holiday campaign. Doing this can help you create better holiday campaigns in the future.

Holiday marketing is challenging, yet exciting and rewarding. Take note of these common mistakes and do your best to avoid them to have an effective holiday campaign and more successful results this year!

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