How Virtual Assistants Help Maximize Work Productivity

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Running and growing a business involve a lot of processes, and productivity is key to accomplishing them. For forward-thinking business owners like you, outsourcing some of these processes through virtual assistants or VAs is an excellent option. You can increase productivity and cost-efficiency and grow your business more effectively with the help of these skilled and experienced professionals.

If you’re considering hiring a VA but don’t know how and where to start, we can walk you through the basics and overall impact of hiring a VA for your business. Here are some tips to successfully work with VAs and ways they can help maximize your productivity:

What to Outsource

You naturally have a lot on your plate as a business owner. Doing everything on your own is counterproductive, and so it’s best to outsource some of your workload. It’s important that you evaluate your business tasks and determine which ones you can and should take off your hands.

A skilled virtual assistant can assist you with administrative, creative, technical, project management, and other time-consuming and labor-intensive business tasks. These include content writing, graphic and web design, SEO marketing, social media management, database and e-commerce management, email management, and site maintenance.

Efficient virtual assistants are an asset or a very useful addition to your team. There may be limits to your virtual assistant’s involvement in your organization, especially in the beginning. But the more you get to know your VA, recognize her skills, and develop a great working relationship with her, the more you can trust her with other business processes.

Virtual assistants can also level up their positions and be part of their client’s decision-making process, too. You can possibly work with a VA, who can assist you with more tasks than you initially planned. Discover her skills and strengths and just be clear with your plans and goals so you can maximize the full potential of having a VA. This will have a positive impact both on your business and personal life.

How to Delegate Tasks

Delegation is the act of managing and empowering others to complete certain tasks. When you delegate tasks to your VA, it is important that you find and apply the perfect balance between structure and flexibility.

To make delegation work for you, make sure you clearly define your expectations. Be reasonable with your expected results and deadline. Give your VA specific instructions and requirements. Prepare a timeline with scheduled milestones and ask your VA to provide you with updates as necessary.

It is essential that you keep your lines of communication open.  Constantly communicating with your VA allows you to track the progress of a project and give immediate clarifications and feedback. This way, you’ll also be able to have a successful working relationship with your VA.

Seeking the Right VA Provider

Nowadays, there’s a lot of companies and individuals offering virtual services. It is vital that you identify who you can really trust. Choose a credible VA company that has experience and has already built a good reputation in the industry. To validate the credibility of the company you’re considering working with, check their background and client testimonials.

It’s also important to assess the reliability of the VA firm. Take note of their responsiveness, professionalism, and accountability and evaluate if their VAs can deliver quality output. If the VA company exhibits these indicators, then you’ll know that they can be trusted.

Established and credible VA companies may charge higher than freelancers because they provide managed services. But they have tried-and-tested work systems, train their VAs, and are equipped with network defenses to ensure data security, which make them efficient and reliable.

Choosing and Managing a VA

Virtual assistants are skilled and trained professionals who can do specific business tasks for you depending on their field of expertise. But aside from their skill sets, you should also consider the VA’s character as this is important in determining the kind of working relationship you’re going to have. Dependability and flexibility are essential character traits. Your VA should also be proficient, reliable, and open-minded.

You’ll naturally go through an adjustment period when you work with a VA for the first time. This is also likely her training period and the perfect time for her to get familiar with your business, work around your expectations, and study the tasks delegated to her.

Remember, communication is key in managing your VA. You can use email, instant messaging, and apps like Skype to communicate with her. Determine the most effective ways to collaborate with your VA to align and reach your goals.

Virtual assistants can help you run your business the easier and more cost-effective way Determine the tasks that you can outsource and partner with a credible and reputable company offering virtual assistance services. Work with a VA now to gain a competitive advantage and have a more successful business!

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