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Photo Credit: TheWellnessCulture

Are you starting to notice droopy eyes and shoulders in your workplace? Has it been an extraordinarily toxic week that your coworkers seem to be at their wits’ end? It’s probably time to cut them some slack, inject fun, and beat boredom and stress in the office with quick interesting and productivity-boosting fixes.

Office boredom and stress busters are a good and enjoyable way to make your employees work better individually and together as a team. Below are some activities that will liven up the workplace, put a smile in your team’s faces, and keep them on their toes!

1. Office Trivia Hour

Make a list of non-work and work-related questions, form teams, assign a moderator, and bring in trivia hour into the office! You can throw in current events and pop culture questions, as well as inside jokes and observational questions like “How many desktop computers do we have in the office?”

This kind of game will get your employees energized and comfortable with each other. Don’t forget to prepare some snacks, drinks, and of course prizes for the winners.

2. Group Workout

Shake the team up and bring back spark in the workplace with an exercise routine. Set a 20-minute break for stretching, jumping jacks, stationary jogging, and dancing. You can also do simple yoga and meditation to awaken your senses.

Employees of Media company Overit take a two-minute break every hour to exercise. Overit’s Jen Graybeal says, “We’ve seen a big difference not just in terms of the way we look but the way we feel.”You can implement the same routine in your company and gain numerous benefits.

3. Game Craze

Set up a game room in the office and let your employees take a break to play board games, video games, and even foosball or ping-pong. Classic board games such as Monopoly and Jenga are obvious favorites, but you might want to try other more exciting and sophisticated games sometimes.

According to Shiv Sharma, the Head of Content for Task management software company Taskworld, “Video games are great but still nothing brings people together like a good old board game. Once a week, everyone gathers around for a game of Settlers of Catan, 7 Wonders, or Magic. We have a collection of 10 board games to choose from.”

4. Decorate Your Workplace

Plain white walls and white ceilings make the office blah. Add some excitement in the workplace and see your team in high spirits by letting them decorate the office. Once a month, challenge everyone in a “decorate your space” contest and give the best one an awesome reward!

You can also build a photo wall where everyone can post their photos at work or at play, as well as a bucket list and humor bulletin board for motivation and positive vibes. It’s also a good idea to have the team work together to paint an office wall and create some type of art. What do you think of a Star Wars mural or a cardboard castle in the office? The bosses and employees at a Viking office loved the idea!

5. Goof Around Time

Break up a workday with organized goofing around time. Relay races in office chairs are fun! Not only does this kind of activity help boost energy, it also fosters team spirit. You can also have Nerf gun battles in the office, similar to what YouEarnedIt employees do.

The same day we learned that YouEarnedIt won the title of Best Place to Work in Austin, we held our first ever Nerf Battle Royale. Our employees pooled together their YouEarnedIt points to fund and launch what turned out to be a powerful team-building exercise. For 30 minutes, the entire office became a battleground where strategy, collaboration, and out-of-the-box thinking meant the difference between life and (virtual) death,” says Tim Ryan, the company’s VP of Marketing.

These are just a few fun ideas that will kill boredom and keep your employees engaged and productive. Try one or more of these activities to build a happier and stronger team and a more successful business!

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