How to Communicate Effectively With Your Team

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Effective communication in the workplace is very important. Not only does it establish rapport and trust among coworkers, it also enables them to work more productively. And as a business owner or the executive of the company, it is essential that you know how to communicate effectively with your team. Doing so is key to your business’ growth.

It can be a challenge for anyone in a leadership role to get the lines of communication open with all levels of your team. But there are sure-fire strategies and principles that you can use to communicate effectively with your employees. Below are some of those.

Talk To Each Team Member on a One-on-One Basis

Every person you manage and work with has a unique personality and his or her own style of working. This is why for Manick Bhan, the CEO of sports and entertainment search engine Rukkus, having one-on-one interactions with team members is essential. It helps if you keep a specific set of guidelines when you meet with each employee. To make your meeting more fruitful and productive, give him or her time to prepare for it, know when to talk and when to listen, and focus on the meeting’s agenda.

Use Different Communication and Information Sharing Platforms

Communication via email remains potent in any office setting. This tool allows you to relay messages to your employees without asking them leave their work stations. But aside from email, it’s also a good idea to provide your team with other digital platforms where they can share new ideas, project updates, concerns, and others.

Silicon Valley companies, like Google and LinkedIn use Slack messaging. You can also utilize this platform for your business to streamline work and increase productivity.

Give Clear Instructions

As the leader, you would want your team to see you as an approachable and relatable boss. But you still have to convey authority and be strict enough to be respected, especially when assigning tasks and giving instructions to your employees. When you communicate with team members, make sure that you speak confidently to show them that you are sure of what you are saying. Make your instructions clear and firm to avoid confusion. This will help them get the work done right and fast.

An HR Magazine study found that 46% of the 4,000 employees surveyed said they routinely receive unclear directives, while 36% said it occurs up to three times each day. These participants revealed that they wasted about 40 minutes of productivity trying to understand confusing instructions. So give clear instructions to avoid such waste of time and to boost everyone’s productivity.

Encourage Casual Interactions

Project planning and other similar meeting and interaction require more formal and serious communication. That’s definitely part of any organization. But casual interactions are equally important. Chatting in the office pantry or game room and hanging out after office hours help develop positive relationships between coworkers.

According to a Globoforce report, having quality relationships at work makes employees happy. And when they are happy, they become more engaged and productive. Encourage and facilitate casual interactions in your office because when your team members have rapport, they can work collaboratively. And that can do wonders for your business.

Lead By Example

Model the communication style that you want to implement and experience. Show your team that you want to promote frequent and constructive communication within the organization.

According to a survey conducted by Hart Research Associates, 93% of employers consider good communication skills more important than a college graduate’s major. So as the leader, it’s best that you continually work to improve your own communication skills and let your team follow your lead.

It’s important for every company to make effective communication a priority. Follow the strategies we mentioned above to enhance communication within your team, foster good relationships, build a healthier office culture, and have a more successful business!

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    I can totally relate on this article.
    Teamwork is the best asset and people skill for a company.



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