Team Building Activities Your Team Will Love

Building a happy and productive team is of utmost importance no matter the size of your business. As the leader of the company, you can unite co-workers, help work on their strengths and weaknesses, and boost their morale through various team building activities. These kinds of activities are meant to bring not just fun and camaraderie, but also great benefits for the business in the long run.

Whether it’s just a simple game that you can do in the office, a whole-day off-site exercise, or a company out-of-town trip that will last for a few days, there sure are many fun and effective team building and bonding options and ideas for you to try. Here’s our list of team building activities that your staff will enjoy and love!

Go on a field trip 

Let your employees leave their cubicles, step outside, and interact and get to know each other freely. Take them to a museum for a tour, a resort for both training and recreation, or even a local park where they can eat, play games, and simply keep friendship juices flowing!

Employees of nature and wildlife app developer, Great Mountain Digital usually head to the great outdoors as part of their team building field trip. Hiking and bird walking and watching are more fun using their apps!

Attend professional development activities together

Employees love to be part of a company where they can learn more and experience professional growth. You can have your employees join professional development activities like workshops, seminars or webinars, and conventions. Through this type of collaborative activity, they will not only learn together, they will also be able to build good relationships.

Google employees are given opportunities to participate in various career-building classes and other extracurricular activities. You can also implement a perk and team building activity like this in your own company.

Facilitate and participate in volunteer outings

Getting together to volunteer and give back for a cause your company cares about is an excellent and meaningful way to bond. Whether it’s participating in a feeding program, delivering school supplies for kids in need, helping build houses or plant trees, entertaining cancer patients at the hospital, or visiting an animal shelter, doing something good together will help your team grow together.

A lot of big and small companies like Schneider Electric have been supporting non-profit organization Habitat for Humanity for years now. Your employees/company can join their cause too to make a positive change.

Form a company sports team / Join sports events together

Use sports to teach teamwork and develop camaraderie among your employees. Why not form sports teams and organize your own company Olympics or let them join a league and compete with other companies? Signing up for a relay and joining a marathon or fun run are also great team building activities to get your employees together to have some fun!

Invite the whole team for “Happy Hour”

Some of your employees may have formed friendships and are doing their regular after-office bonding already. But it’s great if you also invite them out for a drink, dinner, coffee, or karaoke once in a while! Companies like Yelp and Levatas use these social sessions to unite and motivate their teams.

Activities like these will give everybody, including you, a chance to interact with each other. As the leader, it’s good if they will see that you’re making an effort to mingle and have fun with everyone.

Let your employees take a break from the usual work routine once in a while and engage in team building activities that they will enjoy and love. These are a great way for them to form bonds, have fun, and learn and grow together. A united and happy team is a key to your business’ success!

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  1. Johnna Lynn

    I strongly agree the team building activities is important for each and everyone of us and the above mention activities is good I can’t say any less, team building is not necessary expensive simple gathering is good because that’s only the time where all the employee’s and employer’s know each other outside the office or work and yes its giving everyone of us to be comfortable to each other and build a long time friendship outside and inside the workplace. And I am sure every employee’s is looking forward to a team building to show them selves for real.



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