App Making 101: Things You Need to Consider When Creating an App

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More businesses are now taking advantage of the growing mobile industry by creating mobile apps. These handy, innovative tools offer valuable marketing opportunities for your business. A mobile app can help you boost brand identity, improve employee efficiency, increase customer loyalty and sales, and more. No matter what your primary goals are, careful planning and consideration is a must.

Having a unique mobile app idea may be easy, but building it can be challenging. Aside from your time and budget, here are some of the key things you need to consider when creating an app for your business.

Your Purpose

Before you start your mobile app development, it’s important that you first determine the focused purpose of your app. Can your mobile app answer your target market’s needs and provide them with great customer experience? According to research, poor mobile experience negatively affects mobile users’ impression of a brand.

This is why to maintain your good reputation and provide your customers with good mobile experience, you need to make sure that your mobile app is not too simple, but also not confusing or too complicated. You need to have a comprehensive plan and a definite purpose to prove to them that your mobile app is worth downloading.

The Market

To increase your mobile app’s chances of success, you must conduct thorough market research. This way, you’ll gain a better understanding of who your target customers are, what their needs are, and what mobile devices and platforms they use.

It also helps if you identify and survey your competitors. Discover the types of apps they’ve built and what works and what doesn’t. Take inspiration from models that you think would suit your business and develop an app that would make you stand out from the competition.

Mobile Platforms

You should also determine the mobile platforms you’ll be focusing on. Still, as part of your market research, find out whether your customers are iOS or Android users and develop a mobile app for them. Better yet, create one that works on multiple platforms. Statistics show that there are more than 2.2 million apps available for download on the Apple App Store and over 2.8 million apps available on the Google Play Store. Yours can be available on these app stores, too!

UX and UI Designs

Your mobile app’s user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) designs are also essential factors to consider. Make sure that it’s not only aesthetically appealing but functional and user-friendly, as well. You can create style guides, use wireframe tools, develop a clickable prototype, and test click-through models.

Monetization Options

The mobile app market continues to increase exponentially. According to a Statista report, mobile apps will likely generate around $189 billion in revenues through app stores and in-app advertising by 2020.

When creating a mobile app, you should also think about what role it will play in your business. Do you want an app that will serve only as a resource for your ideal customers or an app that you can make money directly from? Freemium app, paid app, in-app purchases, in-app ad, and subscription are just some of the app monetization models that you can utilize.

Test Runs

Mobile app development involves a lot of test runs. Testing shall help you check and fix bugs and other problems. You can build and hire a testing focus group that mimics your ideal customers. Through them, you’ll be able to solve issues throughout the app right away and ensure that your UI and UX designs are what your target market look for.

Big Launch

Finally, you need to consider the release of your mobile app. This includes your marketing strategy. You need to set your release date and information, focus on your brand identity, identify the channels you’ll be using, and build your content. A skilled and reliable virtual assistant or a mobile development company can help you with all these tasks and create a buzz about your mobile app’s launch. It pays to build up interest and anticipation on social media, through email, or by using other platforms.

App creation may seem complicated and intimidating, but you can pull it off! Use the tips we mentioned as a guide so you can properly and successfully plan, develop, and launch a mobile app for your business.

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