Best Practices When Using Cloud-Based Apps

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In a world where apps dominate our mobile devices, businesses of all sizes are finally recognizing the benefits of cloud technology and how it helps improve productivity and streamline business operations. In fact, according to Emergent Research, 78% of small businesses will be fully adapted to the cloud by 2020.

With so many apps to available on the market, how can you know which one is the best for your needs? For small businesses who are just dipping their toes into cloud-based apps, Cloudward is a great way to compare similar apps.

At Pepper, we always use cloud-based apps. It helps our virtual assistants collaborate better with our clients. So today, we’ll be looking at some best practices that you can follow when using cloud-based apps. Let’s take a look!

Choose multi-platform apps

When choosing cloud-based apps, make sure that you can access them across different types of devices such as smartphones and tablets. Use apps that have the same functionality in desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. This allows you to work remotely from anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re working in the office or at a coffee shop, multi-platform apps allow you to work and communicate with your team seamlessly!

Sync and backup your data regularly

One of the best parts about using cloud-based apps is the accessibility and availability of your data wherever you are. However, you won’t be able to pick up where you left off if your data hasn’t been synchronized across all devices.

Remember to regularly update and synchronize your data on the cloud. This will help you recover quickly especially after tech-related disasters that are caused by hacking and cyber threats. Using apps like MozyPro allows you to rest easy knowing that your files and data are securely backed up on your set schedule.

Ensure the app’s security

Cyber security is a rising concern for businesses organizations. In fact, nearly 70% of data breaches occurred in the US healthcare sector and about 20% in government and military agencies. The internet, although filled with pros, poses a number safety and security threats to its users.

Before integrating an app for your businesses, make sure to look into its security measures. These include login authentication, accessibility, data security, and privacy. It would also be wise to see if it allows you to track changes made on your account and if it gives detailed reports of user activities.

Maximize it for collaboration

Cloud-based apps for businesses are primarily designed to allow you to work seamlessly with your team wherever you are. With cloud-based apps, not only can small businesses collaborate better but they can also control their data in the process.

Collaborative tools like Google Sheets, Docs, and Asana allow you to work closely with your team as files are no longer restricted to one employee’s computer. All members of the team can access and work on documents remotely, thus increasing productivity and efficiency throughout the workday!

Compare and contrast other apps

There is a wide variety of apps available on the market that small businesses can leverage to increase workday productivity and streamline processes. For most companies, one tool can’t address all of their needs. This is why it is so important to integrate the necessary apps to cover all bases.

Each app offers a specific type of service. There are apps that are designed to help you keep track of finances while others are made for team communication. When comparing similar apps, some might have features that you need despite being more expensive. You can use Cloudward to help you do that! You don’t have to stick with one app forever but choose the best one you can use over the long term.

Cloud is quickly becoming the new normal and small businesses can greatly benefit from this new shift. Working on cloud-based apps gives you the flexibility, accessibility, and control you need to have a team working remotely.  Furthermore, it allows your business to save on equipment costs, increase collaboration within the team, and compete better in the market!

What are your best practices for using cloud-based apps? Share them with us in the comments! You can also sign up for our free five-five hour trial!

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