How the Coronavirus Outbreak Will Change the Way We Do Business

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Industries are being put to the test by the COVID-19 crisis. The situation sheds light on improvements needed and adjustments that will be made in the way you conduct business as you continue to thrive. It’s important for businesses to respond quickly and accordingly to maintain operations. 

Adjustments have to be made to ensure continuity for your business. You also have to accept the fact that the pandemic will change the way many businesses, including yours, will operate post-Coronavirus.

Here are some ways the crisis will change the way we conduct business.


Standard operating procedures will change

Many business practices will change once the pandemic is behind us. Employees won’t have to travel as much as they did pre-Coronavirus, more remote work opportunities, development in business practices to reduce human interaction, and improvement in office hygiene. During this period, companies will learn how to develop more efficient and productive operating practices. Some of the changes will present themselves once the crisis is over. 

The great recession that occured in 2007-2009 forced entrepreneurs to reassess their workforce model. Adjustments were seen in the number of full-time employees to part-time workers in many industries. It won’t be surprising if the crisis we’re currently facing will do the same.


Improvement in management skills

Leaders will find more ways to excel in team management. Flexibility in operating procedures will help tackle challenges while adapting to changes present in our current state. The shift happening these days is training us to act quickly and ensure continuity for our brands. The current situation is helping us learn practices on how to be productive and efficient under pressure and in times of crisis.


In-person meetings will be less prioritized

Brands will figure out how they can leverage technology more effectively to do business and implement remote work arrangements. We will discover that face-to-face meetings are less needed than we ever thought. This will help increase productivity as organizations will find more ways to conduct meetings more efficiently without the need to travel. 

The sad part is companies who are in the travel industry will lose as we would realize that we don’t have to travel to attend meetings as much as we did before.


Implementing a work from home policy becomes strategic

These days, companies are trying to learn more ways to be productive in a work from home setup. Experienced employees can share their knowledge on how remote work applications are used. This setup is also effective in rebuilding the procedures on how coordination and communication transpires. 

During this period, brands can focus on communicating and doing business remotely. Platforms such as Zoom or Skype are helpful in making communication possible in this setup. Using Google doc is also helpful in ensuring productivity. It’s easy to be on the same page with your team using this tool as everyone can see and track the work being done by the whole team.


The experience and the knowledge we will all gain from this outbreak will be essential in improving overall performance during this period and in the future. Businesses would have to adapt to permanent changes once this crisis is over. The key is to learn from the current situation and make the most out of discoveries and learnings as we continue to move forward.


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