Under Lockdown: Adjusting to Work From Home Setup

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Shifting to a remote work policy has become a norm for businesses today. The move is not easy for all, but it is important to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. Proper planning and the right practices are important to make the transition successful.


Let’s look at some of the key factors involved in shifting to a work from home arrangement.


Benefits of Shifting to Work From Home Arrangement

Your business can get a lot of benefits from transitioning to a work from home setup. Employees are less stressed as they don’t have to deal with the dangers of going outside and risking being infected by the virus. For entrepreneurs, implementing a work from home setup lets them spend less to operate their business while staying productive and keeping your business thriving in these crazy times.


Best Tips in Making Remote Work Setup Successful


Set Expectations

Implement a work from home setup with clear and specific expectations. The arrangement should include guidelines on handling confidential business information, work schedule, and steps on how to deal with various challenges. Employers and employees should be on the same page on how business should operate in this new arrangement. 


Make the Needed Technology Available

Tools such as devices, reliable internet connection, email access, and other communication platforms should be available to employees when they shift to a work from home setup. Having these is essential to operate a work from home setup for your business.

A secured Wi-Fi network and VPN are important. The VPN will serve as a buffer between your device and the internet connection. Transmitted data will be encrypted to prevent interception.


Follow a Healthy Work Routine

Working at the comfort of your own house means there’s more time to stay in bed. It might be harder to get up knowing that you don’t have to rush preparing your breakfast, taking a bath, and traveling to the office. But this should not get in the way of completing your tasks. 

Stick to a routine while working remotely. Manage your time to ensure smooth flow. If your schedule is flexible, make necessary adjustments depending on your workload or the output expected from you. 


Regular Communication

Make an effort to stay in touch with your employees while they work from home. Various platforms are available to make communication easy. Check up on them and their loved ones, know their struggles while working at home, provide updates on your business plans while facing this crisis. It is important to communicate regularly with your employees during these times so they won’t feel lost. 

We are living in a crazy period indeed, but that doesn’t mean your business has to stop. Exert effort in adapting to changes so your business will continue to thrive. Being open to making the necessary adjustments will you and your employees enjoy a smooth workflow even in these trying times.

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